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92kg Snatch


BW:94 kg. Any advice greatly appreciated.


Looks pretty good to me. You are patient and are hitting the second pull at the crease of the hip.

Only things I could pick up on the video was to try and keep the bar closer to your body during the second pull (flatten the arch a bit) and maybe try to sit your hip down during the 1st pull. however your back angle may just be flatter due to your body type.

If you want additional advice I think more info is needed. Is this a max attempt? Where do you dump the weight when you fail most often?



Especially the part about keeping your hips down on the first pull. With how tall you are Nate, I think that will work out the second pull tightness by itself.


I think that looked pretty darn good, only thing I would really concentrate on would be to get more weight on the bar!!!


Nice work. That is about the same as my max, and I'm 10 kilos heavier.


Same here. Not much wrong with it imo.

Could have been a bit faster down like everyone that I see that doesn't lift 1.75x+ bw.

Looking good OP!



woa woa woa man be careful with this, you are putting yourself at risk lifting this heavy. here are a few things i noticed:

your knees go over your toes. if you have trouble with this, imagine sitting back in a chair. you have to be really careful or you will blow out your knees.

i would drop the shoes you are wearing and get some vibram 5 fingers. we as humans were meant to squat as close to barefoot as possible.

i'd also drop the weight a little bit. you want to be doing anywhere between 12-15 reps on these types of movements. when you go this heavy it puts a lot of unneeded stress on your joints! be careful!

also, i hope you know that using wrist straps and knee wraps is basically cheating. you really wont be able to lift as much as you think you can when you go all natural.

also, i don't think you should be quite so explosive. you could get a hernia.

you don't have to take my advice, but fyi i've been in the field for a while, have my crossfit level 2 cert, and have seen plenty of people like you try to lift heavier weights than they can handle and they always end up getting injured. check your ego at the door. lighten it up man!

good luck bro!


LOL you just made my day! Thanks


Hi my name is Jean-Philippe
First of all ...sorry for my english im a french canadian

Wow wow wow.... sorry men but you got it all wrong right there....for how long have you been in the field to write things like this ....
I dont think you should be quite so explosive ???? hahaha ...do you know that OL was all about power and explosiveness
12-15 reps ???? WTF are you talking about if his doing that number of reps ...it is certain that hes going to hurt himself...he has to shoot for 6 reps big max with OL movements.
Vibram 5 fingers what is this shit .... Its not for nothing that we have OL shoes for OL....get some shoes boy if you dont have any yet its going to help you.
Go get a good coach too !!!
Dont just put videos on here and ask us questions. Although its a good way to improve its not the best. If you hire a coach or train nere one you gonna improve your lifts way faster.
Bronx write me back if you want to debate some points I just said.
It is certain that we have different point of view but Im curious for how long now are you doing OL and if you are doing some is it on a regular basis.


Don't feed the troll...



sorry you are wrong. going that heavy is not going to help him get the leaned out, bodybuilder look. the only thing he is going to accomplish is hurting himself by lifting with his back and a hernia from the internal pressure.

sorry, but here is what i would do instead. i would do something called hang cleans. we learned how to do these at my crossfit certification class.

basically, hold the bar at arms length standing straight up with your chest out. bend down a little bit - just a litte - and use your arms to pull the bar up towards your shoulders. imagine an upright row but quicker. as the bar comes up, pull it towards your shoulders and catch it in the position you would be in if you were doing a dumbell press (just with a barbell). also, if you really want to get strong (which i assume is what you are going for) you should make sure your core is really strong. try doing hang cleans (as described above) on the flat part of a bosu ball. your stabilizers will really be worked on this one!

also, if you don't like the vibram shoes, try doing hang cleans barefoot. you will feel like a beast.

if you want to get big, all you need is some band work, hang cleans, some stablization exercises, throw in some pullups (where you kick to help with momentum) and some curls in the squat rack and you will get RIPPED.

good luck bro!


...bosu ball....curls in the squat rack... :))


French canadians dont get sarcasm very well.

FYI... It's a joke. To understand the joke watch films form the 80's.



I really hope Glenn Pendlay can comment on this because it is a question I have had for awhile...

Nate's starting position places his arms in an angle over the bar which allows his torso to dip considerably during his first pull. Do you think that he would benefit starting in a lower hip position and placing his arms vertical to the ground? It would seem that a starting position with a vertical arm may keep the torso more upright and preventing the bar from swinging away. Also, when his torso dips forward and the bar begins to swing it brings his weight to the front of his foot, probably leading to an early second pull....in my eyes at least.

I would really be interested in Glenn's view. Thanks.


I'll answer even though I'm not Glenn.

2 thoughts on this DeLong

1) Starting with shoulders over the bar is fine.

2) doesn't matter where your shoulders start, as long as when you lift the bar off the floor your shoulders are over the bar it's good. Quite a few people start behind, just over the bar but as soon as they lift the bar off the floor their shoulders go over the bar. People that generally do this are short with relatively short limb lengths

I wouldn't say that this is true imo

"an angle over the bar which allows his torso to dip considerably during his first pull"

I wouldn't say considerably at all in reference to the OP's first pull.