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92 Days Down and What Have You Done?

In my gym this morning I noticed on my yearly planner that 92 days of the year have gone and asked myself what have I done so far?

I sold my house to the first person to view it.
I bought my next do’er upper
From that I have some money for deposits on houses for my three children
I trained 52 times
I’ve learned about macros and have implemented a change of eating habits successfully
I’ve failed to stop boozing
I booked a two week holiday abroad. Can’t remember the last time I took two weeks off.

How about you TN family?


I’ll bite, although I haven’t been as financially industrious as you have.

I’ve lost 18 lbs (so far).
I got my strength almost back to pre-injury levels from my layoff since October.
I’ve trained 30-ish times (3 days/week program).
I booked a 1 week holiday in Austin for my cousin’s wedding.
I’ve started tracking my diet with an app.
I’ve cut back on boozing.
I bought outdoor furniture for the deck I’m going to build in my back yard.
I’ve (barely) broken ground on the deck.
I’ve played Dungeons and Dragons with my kids every other Friday for the whole year so far.


Good stuff Steve.

How about that deck? I built one about 5 years ago in hardwood at my house. Secret fixed using a kreg system, comes with jig’s, drill bits, screws and screw driver bits. Excellent system and looks great without visible fixings. I picture framed it too so no end grain on show. I dug out for all the posts by hand and was using a kids plastic paddling pool to mix the concrete by hand, back breaking work. I was telling the lads in work and they told me about post mix. Jesus, I felt like a right idiot. Believe it or not I’m a director of a construction company and had never heard of post mix. :smile:


I’ll have to look up the kreg system, that one’s new to me. I’m planning to picture frame it too, was just at Home Depot Monday arranging for some 20’ 2x8 cedar planks for the long edges. I am going to rent an auger to dig the post holes, though. I’ll do the quickrete mix, 1 bag per hole and mix it in the hole. I’ve done it for a pier and beam foundation before and it works fine. I’m using 4x4 treated posts, and I’m going to tar the ends of them before I put them in the ground as well because I don’t want them rotting out.


Here it is on amazon uk Steve. I can vouch for it on board 3/4" or more without a groove.

Day 1

Halfway through

This is about the only one I can find of it finished


That looks handy, I’m definitely going to get it. Your deck looks great! Unfortunately mine has to have a railing because it’s going to be 5 feet off the ground at the outer edge of the slope in my yard.

My drop is probably 4ft but I didn’t want a handrail / balustrade around it so I infilled with planting on the outside and big planters on the inside and it works a treat. The planting on the outside provides a decent wind break also. I’ll try and find a pic to give you an idea.


This gives an idea of what I did. I put some trellis that I used as a skirt around the deck in the centre of two sides and some climbers grow on them, used large planters and some smaller planters (off the deck in this pic due to the re-staining I was doing). They are quite effective at providing a barrier for people and wind. It wont stop a determined toddler left on their own though.

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That is a proper gaff. Nice decking too. :+1:

Thanks mate, good luck on Monday you 'ammers.

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Cheers, we’ll need more than luck though

I’m definitely putting trellis around the outer edge to keep my dogs from going under there all the time. I have 2 young grandkids so I’m afraid the railing is a must-have. I’m also probably putting a garden strip around the edge for aesthetics.

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Nice, make sure a put some pics up when its done Steve, I’m interested.

I jerked off 186 times.


That’s an impressive per day average, sir.