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91yr old Grandma + Supps = Live Forever?


My gran is 91. Cognitively, she is as sharp as ever, more understandable than some 75 yr olds. Unfortunately she suffered a mild heart attack this past weekend, and then underwent an angioplasty on one of her cardiac arteries. It was her third attack since '97 and has left her with only 2 of her 4 cardiac arteries still functional. Literally her mind is scheduled to outlive her body.

Obviously I have been advocating staples such as fish oils and a multi since i joined this site way back yonder,but i was thinking its time for something a little more exotic.

I was wondering what everything thinks of me recommending her a "Flameout, Curcumin, Resveratrol Stack"?? Anyone foresee any complications? I would hope it would improve her vascular health substantially...(not to mention Biotest sales)

any thoughts? questions? comments?


I don't see any reason why those wouldn't be safe for her, although I'm sure mod brian or some one much more knowledgeable than I am will chime in shortly. Superfood or even a small dose of Elitepro might be other possibilities.


Very sorry to hear that, man. Hope she feels better soon.

I'm not a medical professional, nor am I speaking on behalf on Biotest... but...

Fish oil can act as a blood thinner. If she's on medications for blood pressure or prescription blood thinners, this could certainly cause a problem.

Also, the Piperine in Curcumin 500 can "enhance" the effects of some medications. Again, if she's taking any prescriptions, it could cause problems comparable to taking a higher dose of those medications.

Bottom-line, it's remarkably admirable that you want to do anything you can to help your gram. My gram is 94 and I still get asked nutrition questions for her, so I can definitely relate. However, at that age, it's so important to be conservative with any supplement or any nutrition changes at all.

I look at it kinda like, the lady (my gram and yours) made it nine decades and counting, so obviously she's been doing something right. We need to basically try not to interfere with what we think might be "a better way." Ya know?


Do some research on CoQ10. I've ignored it myself because I haven't had a heart attack.


Good answer.


Exactly what I was going to say.

I think if your going to focus on anything it should be spending more time with her, or contacting her more often if you don't live close by.

Not to get all soft, but at that age making her feel loved and cared about is the best supplement you could give her.


Thanks for all the responses gentlemen!

I realize the need to accept my grandmother's mortality (and my own), as well as focus on displaying my affection towards her. She is showered with much love from my large family, but I was hoping to view the situation strictly from a nutritional standpoint.

Her diet is relatively healthy and definitely moderate, with one exception. Call me Scottish and Irish, but the woman can drink like a fish still to this day. She consumes alcohol almost every single day of her life at this point, a lifestyle habit that I am not foolish enough to try to change. Her poisons are Martinis and red wine.

I was just thinking a little supplementation could potentially give her a boost of vascular integrity, arthritic relief, and maybe even sharpen her already astounding memory.

Also, she loves little projects and such, and was a nurse in the Canadian Forces for many years...so this type of behavioral modification is right up her ally.

I'm definitely going to pour over some peer-reviewed research on CoQ10. Could anyone recommend a brand with guaranteed quality/potency??