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91yr Old Breaks Bench Record




That is friggin’ AWESOME

How cool would it be to see a retirement home full of old meatheads, helping each other get in/out of bench shirts and wrapping knees before they hit the weights

Good for you pops - hope I go down swinging too …


Kick ass! Thanks for posting this.



The guy didn’t start lifting until he was 60! That’s amazing. Fun read, thanks for sharing.


Just shows what has been said all along. Strength training is the closest to the Fountain of Youth.
Use it or loose it!!


Fucking A, and his wife is 69? that’s a 22 year difference.

Weight lifting makes you awesome is the only conclusion you can take away from this.


Freakin awesome! WW2 Vet holding it down, or should i say lifting it up! Motivating!


Great stuff and he didn’t even arch his back to shorten the ROM :slight_smile:


Old Navy didn’t start until he was 60, either. Does he post here anymore? I haven’t seen him.