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915 Workout, Week 7 Failure



I am currently following the 915 routine and it's amazing as all your stuff is, with awesome results apart maybe slower ones on the bench. Anyway today I failed at the 2nd rep of the 2nd set in the bench press. I'm pretty sure I know why, even if last week's bench was reaaaaally hard. This weekend I went to cheer up my brother whose wife had been cheating on. Needless to say, nutrition and rest were terrible, and we drank like pigs after months of sobriety.

Anyway what should I do next week? Re-attempt 100% x 2 for 3 sets, continue with 105% x 2 for 3 sets or something else?

Thanks in advance


Take 2 days off, then do just light training the rest of thecweek and next week do week 7


Thank you for the answer :slight_smile: