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915 Workout Program Results


I just finished Christian Thibaudeau's 915 program today and had excellent results. I followed it to the T except for the dead lift portion which I just did Coan/Phillipi's Deadlift Program. For the peak week he has the days spread out in which you max but I decided to do them all at the end of the 9th week (today) which probably wasn't very smart. Nonetheless here are my results.

Before stats:

Bodyweight: 165
Squat: 265x1
Bench: 205x1
Deadlift: 305x1
Power clean: 165x1

After stats: 170
Squat: 295x1 (+30lb)
Bench: 245x1 (+40lb
Deadlift: 375x1 (+70lb)
Power clean: 185x1 (+20lb)

Overall I'm pretty ecstatic about my results. Christian says you should gain about 15% strength on all of your lifts and 10% on the PC and it did just that EXCEPT for my squat which I blame that on maxing everything the same day in order of bench, deadlift, squat and power clean. I really couldn't believe that I got 245 but 225 flew up so easily, instead of jumping 10 pounds I went straight for the 245 and got it. The only reason I didn't do the deadlift portion is because I started C/P Deadlift routine 3 weeks prior. I'll be happy to answer any questions. Thanks!


Those are some impressive im planning on trying it out in a month or so
What accessory lifts where you using. The article didn’t really specify the % for accessory work


Those are excellent results. Satisfying when a routine actually works.


I honestly didn’t do any Power Clean accessory lifts bc of all the dead lifting. For Bench Press I did Incline BP, Close Grip BP, Pullovers and Dips. For Squats I did Paused Squats, Slow Squats, 1/2 Squats and Front Squats. I didn’t add anymore than that I just switched them around with each phase. I honestly regret not following the routine more to the T with the assistance work bc I could have added more to the bar on my squat if I focused on my weaknesses and picked the correct assistance lifts that would have brought me to my full potential but I was too lazy. Don’t be too lazy lol it all has it’s place in his program for a reason.

Edit: I didn’t see where you said you weren’t sure about the assistance %'s. I didn’t use any percentages, I just went by feel.


Ok sounds good thanks for the advice will definitely put it to use when I start this soon


Good to hear. I just started the program last week. This definently gives me a HUGE confidence boost. I hope to get some huge PRS
Deadlift 375–430
Squat 300–345
Bench 255–295
Wish me luck!!