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915 Workout Program - Bench Press


Hey Thibs,
I have a question about your 915 program. I recently finished one training cycle and am going to begin another after a short deload/hypertrophy phase. Im really happy with my progress:
BW 74kg (no increase)
Back squat from 115kg to 132.5kg
Deadlift from 160kg to 180kg
Bench Press 112.5kg to 112.5kg
Snatch high pull 80kg to 87.5kg
As you can see my bench press didnt increase at all. My thinking is that this may be due to a mixture of bad assistance exercise selection and the fact im trying to press over 1.5 x bw. Can you give me some advice for how to program my next strength phase? Thanks a million!


I’m not Coach Thibs, but I think it would be helpful for him to answer your question by also giving him what assistance exercises used within each phase along with your rationale for using them as it pertains to strengths and weaknesses


Sure that would probably help! My weakness is in the mid point so I used incline press with power flys as assistance for the first 3 weeks, push presses and half bench presses for weeks 4 to 6, and DB presses and half bench presses for weeks 7 to 8.
When testing my 1 RM I failed in the same position about 4/5 inches off the chest.


Also did you miss any reps during any of the weeks?


After week 6 when the percentages got higher i missed reps in the heavy sets. I dropped the weight and kept the weight at around 95%


Were you in a caloric surplus the whole time? You didn’t gain any weight and I’m just wondering if your caloric intake may have not been ideal.

Another thought: did you use your best max or a max you can hit with good form on any day? I’d run it with a max approx 10-15 lbs below that number of a lift you can get on any day this should help to keep bar speed up and allow you to push through those last few heavier weeks

Just brainstorming along with you


I was in a slight caloric surplus for the most part but i didnt over do it. I know that if i increase my bw a lot i can increase my 1rm. However Im looking to build lean strength right now.

Good point about the 1rm. I used a balls out max so ill use a lower number this time.