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915 Workout, Adding Extra Week?

Hi Coach,

What are your thoughts of adding an extra week to this program between week 5 and 6 as shown below?
Week 5 3x3@90%
Week 6 3x2@95%
Week 7 3x3@95%

My rationale is to allow an extra week with assistance lifts along with a more gradual progression to 95% @3x3

Provided that you have the time, making progress more gradual is always good

Thanks for the response

i like this! Was about to do deadlift 220 3x3, and was a bit worried haha. I think I will add in the extra week. 220 3 x 2 feels more manageable with my 1RM @ 232.5

cheers guys

Yeah I think it allows one to “test” the weight a little and ease some anxiety and build confidence with that weight before hitting it 3x3 lol

Yeah and if you don’t need to peak at a specific date there is no harm in doing one more week to make the program more progressive