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915 Weak Muscle Assistance

Hey Coach T,

I’m about to start the 915 program next week and just finished testing my baseline 1RM’s this week. I’m going to follow the program to a T (pun intended?) since it’s so comprehensive.

I do have a question regarding the first 3 weeks and strengthening my weakest muscle holding me back on my lower body lifts. I’m pretty strong out of the hole and during lockout of the squat, but get hung up right around parallel - I’ll do front squats to combat this as the first lift based on the program, but any suggestions for a muscle to target in the second?

In the deadlift I think I’m weak off the floor. I hit failure about 2 inches off the ground, but that’s about 3 inches below my knees (mid shin). Is that correct or would that be weak below the knees? In either case is there a muscle you’d recommend building up here?

The bench was easy to figure out, my shoulders are bogus so I’m thinking push press and this https://www.t-nation.com/training/tip-build-your-shoulders-with-pain-and-acid to build them up.

Thanks for any tips!