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915 vs Strength and Size Training Program


Hey CT,
As mentioned before, I’m about to start the 915 program but have now come across your new ‘Strength and Size Training Program’. Is there a big difference between the two? Both say they can increase strength of major lifts by 15%. If I add on my own hypertrophy work to 915, will they basically cover the same objectives?

Thanks again for the help,


You can’t really add extra hypertrophy work to the 915 program because it already has 2 assistance lifts per workout at a very challenging load/volume.


Ok I meant extra 1 - 2 exercises per session bonus work as you identify in the ‘Power Look Program’. Can that work?

So in terms of goals, getting bigger and stronger, will both programs give similar results? Money wise I’m a bit short so buying the ‘Strength and Size Training Program’ is a little difficult so looking for a comparison?

Thanks again CT,


Well to be honest not everybody can progress at an optimal rate by adding bonus work at the end of these workouts.

You can’t simply add more work in when you want to build something a little more. Your body has a limited capacity to adapt to stress and if you exceed it then your whole progress slows down. If you want to do more bodybuilding work to 915, I suggest dropping one of the assistance lifts so that you can replace it with 2-3 less stressful isolation exercises.