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915 Snatch-Grip Deadlift Above Knee

I’m currently on the 915 program, and I’m at phase 2. My testing the week prior to the program revealed a weakness in finishing the lift so I’m doing snatch-grip deadlift above knee (with straps). But I was using way more weight than conventional. Is that normal, considering it’s supposed to be my weak point? Or that I had trouble finishing for other reasons? (grip failing, technique…)

above the knees is much much stronger than anything below the knees. Even when its a weak point/ Just make sure that you aren’t cheating by prying your knees under the bar to start the movement. It must look exactly like a deadlift would look like at that point of the range of motion.

Alright thank you very much!

You mean a hand and thigh lift, great for traps calves pch ego, need to try with snatch grip now heavy pulls bother my glute ham tie in, want then huge traps . I remember a strongman contest where John Paul beat Kaz in axle lift because John used hand and thigh lift and kaz used partial deadlift tech, even though kaz superior puller lost on tech.


Heck I could do over 900 with this style even though my full deadlift was only 565 at the time

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It looks like an ego lift but it frys traps, my weightlifting coach had does this to strengthen erectors when i couldn’t do full pulls when my pull was 565 i could do 11 plates 1035. I also had to pay for bar had to stand on two plates to clear rack.

I only do like once every three weeks now and only go to 675 maybe, to much spinal compression or if do before, hang cleans or snatch makes weight feel light.

It’s funny your experience with that movement is exactly the same as mine. I also bent a bar and had to pay for it when doing a hip lift/power shrug combo with 800lbs and my strap got torn.

Yeah for the psychological reason you mention (increasing confidence by making a bar feel light) it’s okay. But there is still the risk of develping bad pattern in the deadlift.

The point of diminishes return for me is 675, but i also did with no straps and could pull 855 no straps exellent grip exercise, good thing commercial gym bars only cost 60 bucks.