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915 Results on an Early-Intermediate

Hello everyone !

I had been working out seriously for a year and wanted to break from my routine and focus on strength, especially my lower-body; so I decided to try the 915 routine. Here are the numbers:

Squat: 110kg (242 lbs) => 130kg (286 lbs) x2: I know I could’ve pulled a third one but the program was about good form and on the second rep I started to bend slightly forward at the middle. I am very happy with my squat results for I my numbers were stuck for several motnhs. The first rep was flawless even though I was “affraid” to put on that weight that seemed so heavy for me (I used 130 when doing half squat and they were so hard) During the program I finally found the stance that was the best for me, and now I can feel and use my hips properly, so I know it is just the beginning!

Bench press: 110kg (242 lbs) => 115kg (253 lbs) : the explanation for my poor number is technique. Eventually I hadn’t figured out my foot positioning and during the first phase I wouldn’t know because I had always benched like that and as the weight weren’t that challenging, I used less leg drive. But starting at the week 6 when I had to give it all I noticed it wasn’t good enough. I tried several ways, foot out front, on the toes… Sometimes I would slip or my butt would come off the bench or I couldn’t use my legs… So my numbers were stuck the last three weeks so I did singles at 90-95% to figure out foot positioning. Anyway I found it on the testing day so I still pulled 115 which I didn’t think I could do cause my strength and technique dropped down the last three weeks. Anyway now I have figured out my technique so

Deadlift: 160kg (350lbs) => 180kg (405lbs) x2: The first one went fairly well, the second one was a bitch of a lift, obv my legs aren’t as strong as my back and I pulled my hips less low and transfered more weight on my back so it was really hard. My abs are way stronger now I was doing my sets of 2 @170kg without belt easily.

Power clean: 80kg (180lbs) => 90kg (205lbs) nothing much to say here, I didn’t really focus on that lift cause I know my technique is less than stellar and there is nobody around to teach me. Anyway my form and confidence improved. On the PR I muscled up a bit the weight, like a strongman because of that. More of a strength than technique pull alas… (bar wasn’t close enough to me…)

Physically: not much difference, I gained 1 kilos but I lost some fat, and (finally!) packed some muscle on my quads, and on my back. I was affraid that such low volume would deflate me but CT knows better!

So in the end I am very satisfied with the program, my strength, technique, and mind-muscle connection improved. I don’t have pics but I’ll take some for in 4 weeks I’m gonna try the power look!

Fantastic program Coach! Cheers!

If you’ve been working out for a year I wouldn’t consider you an intermediate. Nice progress on your lifts! At your level, you want to get better from a motor recruitment and pattern perspective yes but don’t over analyze your movements/techniques so much at this stage. Just focus on moving the weight with good form and bar speed.

Now is not the time to obsess over foot placement etc given where you are


Yes I guess you are right, after all Rippetoe said you could still be a “beginner” at 40 if you were doing nonsense. So yes I trained before that but not seriously etc
And yes I might be overanalyzing but progress exploded when I figured out what’s good for me :slight_smile:
Anyway I referred to Meadows’ classification as for my level :slight_smile:
So do you think it might be beneficial for me to try a beginner routine like SS or maybe the Texas method?

A few things:

you have to determine and outline your goals, what are they?

You have to use a program/method that is consistent with said goal and that you believe in 100% and that you can actually do given your schedule equipment etc

At this stage your effort and consistency will be more important than the “program”