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915 Program Results


Hey CT / Guys,
Thought I would post my results after completing the 915 program…

Very happy as all 3 lifts went up 15 % - 20%

Squat = 341lbs to 409.2lbs (20%)
Deadlift = 396lbs to 455lbs (15%)
*Bench Press = 220lbs to 253lbs (15%)

*Coming back from a bruised right shoulder bone my bench numbers are not quite as high as they have been, but happy with the progression as the shoulder is close to getting back to 100% so will be keen for my bench to get back up to some higher numbers throughout the year.

I did start conservative with my 1 RM numbers and so happy to achieve at least 15% on all lifts…

I do recommend this program for a quick burst in strength gains, maybe a program you could do once or twice a year help progress your numbers.

I did start to feel pretty run down after week 8, I pushed hard for the remaining 2 weeks during the sessions but away from the gym motivation did drop which I noted…

But apart from that, really happy with the results…

Now, just on what program I should move onto next CT-
I have been looking and thibarmy and have really enjoyed reading the blogs

Looking at the programs provided, I keen to keep my strengths gains going but also want to put on some serious size… What program do you recommend to achieve this?

What is the difference between:
https://thibarmy.com/maximum-strength-size/ and;

Which program would cater best to my needs?

Thanks a lot for the help,


Both are fairly similar. Go with the one in the article. You can always invest in the program if you like the style in the future. I’m also working on a new program that will be a lot more complete with 110 videos and diets


Hey CT,
Great, thanks for the feedback…

In terms of training to get as big as possible, would the strength and size be better or the maximum muscle program be better, or do they deliver similar results in size gains? (Key is to eat right/ big)

Also between the:
https://thibarmy.com/maximum-strength-size/ and;

In terms of their layout, are they similar in their approach, eg Push/Pull, 6 sessions a week, 4 phases?

I will take 2 weeks off from hard training, so in terms of your ‘new program’ you have mentioned, when will this be available? Should I wait for this?

Thanks again for the help,




CT won’t answer since you “bumped” and that’s quite rude but,

There’s one called “maximum muscle”. If both program would deliver the same result in size, but one would offer more strength, what would be the point of proposing two programs? CT is not here to rob you but help you.

So if you want the most muscle, go with the maximum muscle program…