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915 Program Results and Bench Press Improvement


CT, I consider this the most successful program I have ever completed, so I thank you for that.

After completing the program my numbers as a collective group shot up extremely fast:

  • Squat: 255lbs to 295lbs
  • BP: 225lbs to 230lbs
  • Deadlift: 265lbs to 305lbs
  • Power Clean: 145lbs to 160lbs

I consider these numbers good for myself, since I have struggled coming back from tearing both labrums in my hips, and have had left shoulder problems since college.

I wish to seek advice on how to bolster my number on bench, as it was the lift that gained the least by a significant amount.

I will reexamine the order of assistance lifts and form, but any additional input would be much appreciated.

I also maintained a balanced diet that was appropriate for the program.



Not CT of course, but I too had great success on the 915 program and my max bench only increased by about 10 lbs. Leverages might come into play here, but I was still happy because I was able to complete three strong reps of my previous 1RM after the program.

As CT has stated, learning to display maximal strength is different than building it and a skill in itself. When I did 915 I gained a lot more in my deadlift max than squat or bench, but I felt I was able to better dominate the weights in those lifts after the fact.


You make an excellent point about displaying strength compared to building it for long-term.

I would like to jump right back into it after this one week of deload, as I am hungry as ever to keep my strength gains growing (I am aware of the recommendation to complete 3wks of hypertrophy work).

I feel my conditioning is to a point where my body would be able to handle it.

Another factor for me is time, as I would be finishing the program the week before I leave for vacation where I would not have access to the equipment needed.

Have you completed the program multiple times, if so how were your results?



I think after one week of deload you should be okay to get back into the program if your body feels good and fresh. I don’t think it’d be advisable to do that several times in a row though.

I actually switched to the Bulgarian Training, Simplified program after 915 and ran that for about 5 months. Another good one if your schedule allows for 6 training days/wk and strength is your primary focus (my bench did go down a bit during this period as I stopped training it and focused on overhead). My schedule no longer allows for that, so I made my own program loosely based off 915, although I started it this week so I have no results to share at the moment!