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915 Program Modification Help?

Coach I have been cycling the 915 program template for quite some time and it is the only thing that consistently increases my bench press.
I know that changing the way programs are written is one of the worst things in the eyes of a coach, but due to time restrictions I will be able to train only 3 times per week and I want to continue doing it since it has given me great results so far. Is there a way to spread the work in 3 days so I can do it?

I thought about a heavy day, light/explosive day, volume day set up, where on Monday I bench following the progression model, on Wednesday I do the explosive bench for 5x2 and on Friday I do the 2 assistance exercises.

Do you think it will work, or there is a better way to set it up?

I would just rotate through the days in order , it will take you just a little longer to complete all the workouts.

Coach, thanks for your answer.
I thought about doing that and tried it for the previous week but I have so little time that my sessions are cut in half, so I end up not doing all the exercises.

That’s why I thought about splitting everything more and maybe giant setting lower body, pressing and pulling exercises to save time and manage to do everything.

I also thought about doing the 20-Minute Muscle Builder but frequency is the key to that and I can only hit the gym 3 times per week.

Is there a way to work this out?