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915 Program for Powerlifting Meet

Hello CT, I’m interested in doing the 915 program for a powerlifting meet I have coming up. However, I have a few questions about the program.

  1. I’ve never done Power Cleans ever. I was self-taught in my Squat, Bench, Deadlift, OHP and Rows initially, then I learned my University has a powerlifting gym, so I trained there. The coach is also an olympic weightlifter as well, but I never got a chance to ask him to teach me the olympic movements. I’ve done Cleans and Pressed and Snatches with a Dumbbell, but that’s about it. What would I do in place of Power Cleans? My gym isn’t equipped to do olympic movements.

  2. For the assistance exercise for Bench Press, one of the listed ones are dumbbell presses if you’re weak off the chest. Are you referring to Dumbbell Overhead Press or Dumbbell Bench? Sounds stupid I know, but people use both terms interchangeably all the time so I just wanted to make sure.

Thank you for your time.

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There is no needs to do power cleans You can do lighter deadlifts focusing on speed and technique. Use the same loading scheme as for the explosive bench press


Dumbbell bench press making sure that you use full range (pull with your back in the bottom)

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Understood, many thanks CT!

So I know that you only do assistance work for the big four lifts on the heavy days. With that being the case, I can train 4 days per week currently. Would it be fine if on the explosive deadlift day, I do some loaded carries, and ab work MAYBE Hill Sprints after (Big maybe). So it’d look like

Monday Bench heavy/assistance, then explosive squat
Tuesday Deadlift heavy/assistance
Thursday Squat heavy/assistance, then explosive bench
Saturday Explosive Deadlift, then loaded carries, abs possibly sprints.

loaded carries yes, prowler pushing yes, sprints no (well you can do submaximal sprints, but not all out sprints, but they wont help your lifting like the other ones)

You’re probably going to want to stay away from sprints here, the neurological impact is probably too demanding with everything else.

Abs and carries should be fine though, volume probably depends on how you attack your explosive assistance work.


GREAT ANSWER … but I beat you by 5 seconds :wink:

All this time I’ve spent squatting and not sprinting is clearly coming back to bite me in the ass :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh man, a prowler sounds awesome. Wish I could use one of those :stuck_out_tongue:.

It’s probably for the best I don’t sprint then. Cheers to both of you!

Sprinting is awesome BUT it come at a price. Oddly enough the people who enjoy it the most, are the neurological type most likely to get bit in the ass by them!

Sprinting jacks up dopamine levels… make you feel good, make you feel super motivated to keep training. You feel so great because of the combo of high dopamine and high adrenalin that it masks fatigue and you easily do too much (you also become addicted to that high dopamine feeling).

People with naturally low dopamine but high dopamine sensitivity (novelty seeker profile)… extroverts, people who like excitement, trying new things have high energy and are driven are the most likely to suffer from doing sprints… while they produce a lot of dopamine during the workout (and they crave it because they are super sensitive to it… their brain becomes addicted to it) can deplete dopamine very easily from doing too much work where a lot of dopamine is produced (because their production capacity is low). And when that happens they crash… drop in motivation and mood, drop in libido, even having a drunk feeling the next day.

The thing is that for these people sprints (and other explosive activities) makes them feel awesome, almost invincible… until they hit the wall and its too late. They always to quit explosive activities while they are ahead (interrupted coitus style)

So, I didn’t want to make a new thread to ask this question. So far so good, as expected week 3 was hell. The Squat workout was draining as hell for me, like I thought it’d be. Looking at week 4, I know that exercise 2 are overload exercises (The gym I’m at has no bands or chains). You say that the load should be greater than what we’ll do in the main lift. If that’s the case, you mean the work sets will be say, 25-50 lbs or so above my max used for the program? I’m only asking because I know how hard it’ll be to do that weight after doing the normal sets and then the first assistance exercise.

In that case just do static holds close to the lockout position for 6 seconds using the 25-50lbs more. The goal is just to get used to the feeling of heavier weights