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915 Program, Deadlift Problem


First I want to say I love the program and had already been doing something similar to this before I started. I'm making great progress in my bench squat and powerclean

I'm on week7 now but last Friday was deadlifts 95% 3x3. I don't know if maybe I'm more advanced on DL then other lifts but I could not squat even 80% then next squat session. My mid back got super tight and I was unable to continue so I hit the bench. I squatted before my powercleans on the PC/SGHP day and was good. So I guess what I'm asking is how do you figure I DL 100% of my one rep max and then try to squat my max two days later? Is it ok to take extra rest days? What do you reccomend?

Thanks in advance


what are your 1RM's ?


Everybody recovers at different speed. I've seen people with similar issues. Oftentimes it's the supporting the muscles that help maintain a perfect lifting posture that aren't fully recovered. When that I happens I add an extra day of rest from that point on.