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915 Program and Question



Day 1-Bench Heavy
Bench press sets and reps according to the week
Spoto press (pause 1inch off the chest) 5x5
weighted dips 4x6-8
Speed Squats sets and reps according to the week
(Shouldershocker 3sets?

Day 2- Deadlift
Deadlift sets and reps according to the week
Defecit deadlift 5x5
BOR (barbell bentoverrows) 4x6-8

Day 3- Rest

Day 4- Squat heavy
Squat sets and reps according to the week
Paused squats 5x5
Front squats 4x6-8
Speed Bench sets and reps according to the week
(Shouldershocker 3sets?)

Day 5- Rest

Day 6- High pull
High pulls according to the program
Pendley rows 5x5
Pull downs WG (wide grip) 4x6-8
Face pulls 3x12

Day 7- Bonus day
Total of max 30sets this day
Will always do loaded carriers
Will always do direct hamstring work
Will always do some bicep movement

This is a layout of how my first phase would look like when I am going to start the program in a week or two. I Just wanted your opinion on some things. Besides that I got mad respect for you. Thank you for providing us with all this information.

Are you familiar with the shoulder shocker from DeFranco. I can only guess you are otherwise here is the article https://www.T-Nation.com/training/shoulder-shocker My question about it is, if I could incorporate it into the benchpress day and maybe the squat day. Just to get some extra delt volumework in there? Or would it be too much? Was also thinking of buying a slingshot for the overloading phase of the program for the benchpress would that be ok? As It was not listed as an option in the program.


I like the shoulder shocker and often use it in my programs as added delt work. You can do it, but only once a week. The shoulders will already be taxed a lot by this program. You can also go read my latest article "Growth Factor Shoulders" for some similar supersets.

I LOVE the Slingshot. But I didn't have it at the time of writing this article. But I use it personally at least once a week and most of my clients use it. It is an excellent overload exercise, probably the most specific option you can use.


Thanks for the answer CT, you are the man!