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915 for Strongman

Hi Coach,

I have an upcoming strongman comp and I’d appreciate your thoughts on the use of your 915 program for Strongman prep. The goal being to become stronger in general and to become more proficient in some of the lifts. In this case, the Log, Axle Deadlift, a carry and a drag (which are to be determined)

I have some tweaks to focus it on Strongman, basically:

  • Front squat in place of the squat
  • Log Clean & Press in place of the Power Cleans
  • The Bench assistance and explosive work have more focus on the overhead press than bench

It looks like this:

Day 1: Bench (Heavy) + Overhead Press (Assistance) + Front Squat (Explosive)
Day 2: Deadlift (Heavy) + Deadlift (Assistance)
Day 3: Off
Day 4: Front Squat (Heavy) + Front Squat (Assistance) + Overhead (Explosive)
Day 5: Off
Day 6: Log Clean & Press (Heavy)
Day 7: Carry work and/or specialist events (eg. stones)

I’d use the 915 reps/sets/intensity.

Does this look reasonable or would you advise the use of a different approach?

have a read of this



That’s excellent! Thanks for posting the link.