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915 Deadlift Improvement?


Hello coach, I am currently following routine 915. I am in week 6 and I have done deadlifts for 3 repetitions with 160 kg, before I started it was my 3 RM and now it feels the same. But my body weight has dropped from 88-89 kg to 84 kg. Is an improvement ?. I’m planning a blitz program for deadlift after finishing 915. thanks in advance


Simple, you are not eating enough to gain from the program. Your weight should go up, not down


But i’m on a fat loss diet and i lift the same, it’s wrong?


It is NOT a program to do on a fat loss diet. That is a complete waste of a good program. The fact that you maintained your strength is good in the sense that it means you didn’t lose muscle. But I’m pissed… it’s a waste… the program is based on a progression model of X% and if you don’t eat properly you can’t respect the program. I am really displeased, bad decision