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915 Deadlift Day Alteration


Hey CT, I recently finished my first cycle of the 915 program. I believe it's a great program and I made progress on all of my lifts.

Unfortunatley I tweaked my lower back during peak week. I pulled 510Lbs which was a 25Lbs PR, after that I tried 525Lbs but couldn't lock it out and tweaked my lower back. After that I did a meadows program for 5 weeks and now I'm starting my second training cycle. My lower back still feels a bit off and since I'm a fairly tall lifter to begin with (6'4) I'm a bit scared to jump back into normal deadlifting. I'm thinking about doing my heavy deadlift work from 2 25Lbs bumper plates to decrease the range of motion a bit to lower the strain on my lower back while doing deficit pulls and lower back work with lighter loads. Do you think that that would be a good idea or is there something else I could do or look into?