915, Additional Pressing

Hi, I have been using 915 and am halfway through week 3. Week 1 I stuck religiously to it!
Week 2 I was hankering for some overhead pressing.
So, I have adapted slightly;

Mon bench strength
2 x bench assist
Explosive squat

Tues deadlift strength
2 x deadlift assist
Push/power jerks(still in the 5x2, 5x3, 5x4 etc format)

Weds off

Thurs squat strength
2 x squat assist
Explosive bench

Fri military press
2 x press assist
Power cleans

Sat off
Sun off

1.Would you say for the Friday I should still do the power clean assistance instead of the press assistance? I come from an oly lifting background and my cleans are still reasonable.

  1. In this structure would you recommend push jerks or push press for the Explosive overhead work? Or even full split jerks?

  2. Would you recommend shifting the power clean day to Saturday? Or am I ok like this?

Really enjoying the program and starting to get some good results, primarily in strength gains, haven’t weighed myself for a week so couldn’t comment on weight gain at the moment!

Thanks for any input!

Just finished week 3 day 4 - squat and explosive bench

5x6 back squat @ 80%
5x5 paused squat @ 80%
4x8 45degree leg press
5x3 explosive bench @ 80%

My legs are ruined :slight_smile: always a good sign when your quads/hammies don’t do what your brain tells them to!