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915 4 Day Setup

Hey coach,
I was just re-reading some of your programs and wanted to know if you now would change the layout of the training days for 915 as it is a couple of years old. Original article has day 1.bench hvy/squat light 2.deadlift 3.off 4. squat hvy/bench light 5. off 6. power clean 7. off.

How would you restructure it so you would deadlift on the Saturday(hardest day)?

I was unsure of the best layout due to 3 primarily lower v 1 upper day.
Any help much appreciated,
thanks CT

I wouldn’t change anything. The power clean is more neurologically demanding than the deadlift and requires a fresher nervous system. Which is why I put it on saturday. If you are dead set about deadlifting on saturday you can change the power clean and deadlift order

awesome, thanks for your time!
Can’t wait for the new book to come out!!!

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