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91 YO Bench Press Record


I thought I would share this video with my dear friends at T-Nation. You all are my friends right?

Anyways check this old dude out. Greatest generation ever.



Wow! Are those dentures or his real teeth?


Haha didn't even notice but those have to be dentures. No way 91 year old is going to have such an impeccable smile.


Damn I hope I'm still alive at 91 let alone benching any kind of weight


lol yeah


Fucking legend.


Damn. I like how he noted he's a World War II vet... I've never heard someone that age with such a strong voice. Normally it's old and cracking, but this guy sounds 30 years younger.


Why do you want to be so old? It sucks now, cant imagine what it will be like down the line from now.