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91 Nationals

There have been some older videos as of late and I ran across this so I thought I’d contribute.

Talk about a stacked lineup, damn!

Ronnie Coleman
Flex Wheeler
Kevin Levrone
Paul Demayo - did he ever go pro?

hey I haven’t seen this. I’m impressed thats a sick vid. lol

I believe demayo did turn pro but don’t quote me on that. If I got my facts straight I think he had a short pro career.

I think that when people refer to the golden years of bodybuilding that they should be referring to 85-95 or so. It seems that the string of Mr. O repeating the same person over and over with haney, dorian, ronnie killed bodybuilding for some people. I’d imagine that and the now evil eye on those bodybuilding steroid users. lol

But I do believe that 2009 to date is one of the more exciting years in bodybuilding in a while and I believe it’s only getting better. The average age to turn pro and the average rookie is now younger and being a young bber myself I think that bodybuilding might be on the rise again. But unless the media puts forth a different image on steroid use then bodybuilding will never go mainstream.

sorry for the mini hi jack

Cool vid.

Every one of those guys looked amazing. Biggest change is look Ronnie 1991 and Ronnie 2001 10 years and maybe 80lbs of muscle or more? lol Of course Flex and Levrone got bigger as well…

That is an awesome vid. It’s crazy to see how much mass Ronnie put on over the years. Can you imagine if ESPN televised a show like this today? There would be so much outcry on the news outlets about steroids, etc. I wish they would nationally broadcast big shows, it would no doubt carry a lot of interest.

Paul turned pro in 94 I think.

1994 NPC Nationals Heavyweight 1st & Overall Winner

lol I feel so sorry for Flex. Every time I watch a competition vid of him he almost always comes in 2nd, poor guy!

Great great vid. Great.

I remember seeing that video a few months back.

Bodybuilding with the guys from the 90’s is what it should all be about. Everyone is having fun and looking good too, not like a lot of these guys today…

Great Vid, I agree wit Waylander lol, what does flex gotta do to win a show…has to be best guy to never win an olympia. And ronnie, lol, I dont even kno what to say, not only is he about 100 lbs heavier he looks about 3 shades darker now, im not sure how that happened

if they dont give Flex a win, they might as well name a contest after him. i mean cmmmmmmmmon

Flex has a career with more wins than probably 90% of all pro bodybuilders. I believe he holds or shares the record for most Arnold Classic Wins and I think he is up there with most Iron Man wins as well.

I give it to Wheeler or Levrone as the greatest to never win the O.

oh and Flex promotes an NPC show called the ‘Flex Wheeler Classic’ :wink:

Demayo was a pro.