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90's tunes


I was born in 1980, so 80's music is more of an obscure memory for me.

Let's get some music from the 90s going!


Mmmmmmmm yummy, that Letters to Cleo chick. Helps me to overlook the craptacularness of the song.


Hi, Mad Horse.


One of my favorites from the 90s



The 90s ended on September 11 so..

Man, Busta used to steal the show on all of his guest verses, like Wayne does now. Even if his bars weren't the best he'd sell them so well with the wild delivery and bizarre personality and it wouldn't matter if the others killed it.


Sorry, I'm not getting this.



I was born in 88'. Kinda sucks, because now, most music I hear is absolute trash. Grew up in seattle, so I've always been a Nirvana Peal Jam fan. Throw a little Green River and Mother Love Bone in there too


No need to apologize.


Candlebox died and were reincarnated as Nickelback. Yeah, I said it. Good picks otherwise, MH.



Maybe that's why I don't like Nickleback; I've heard everything already.






Oh, Head Like A Hole came out in '89. Just sayin'.




We did the 90's a while back. Here's a link.