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90s Bodybuilder, 'The Wedge'?


My friend was talking about shoulder to waist ratio and I remember a black bodybuilder in the 90's who I believe was nicknamed the Wedge. He was around 240lbs, had a 27 inch waist and about a 52 inch shoulder circumference.
I tried google, but no luck. Anyone old out there remember his name?


Shoulder to waist ratio?

Gotta be Rogue Vampire


Brian Buchanan.

I dunno about the "Wedge" bit, but I remember reading something about this guy back in my high school days when I still read bodybuilding mags.


damn that ratio is crazy. but ink is right i bet RV chops him up


Then there was the UNBELIEVABLE Orville Burke.


Now there's a dude that has trouble finding pants that fit.


ID's avatar looks pretty wedgee but probably not him.



Thanks BJB!


I always thought Platz was a bad ass.


I'm always looking for an excuse to post this vid, thanks Edgy. Another legend helps him re-rack at the end.


Tom Platz is who I think of when I think of 80s bodybuilding. I love him.

Someome paosted something about him here a few weeks ago saying Platz used to chew rubber balls so that his jaw would keep up with the rest of his physique. Icalled bullshit on that but a couple of people after said it was true.
I'm going to google that now.


Legends as in plural. There was Kaz, Dr. Squat and one of the Barbarian Brothers there as well.

Imagine squating with people literaly chanting the numbers as rep out...





Does that work?



I doubt it even happened. I think it's just something somebody joked about because Platz likely always had a big jaw even before he ever took steroids.


Oh haha that makes sense. I don't have a strong jawline so this piqued my interest.

My Dad would always tell me this story that the boxer Jack Dempsey used to chew TREE BARK to build the muscles in his jaw, naturally so he could whether punches better.

Maybe I'll just grow a goatee, lol


Naaa, I think that sort of stuff is like smack talk or whatever they call it.

Like before a fight or bodybuilding competition you'd faze your competitor by telling him you ran 20 miles and benched 315 for 30 reps yesterday.


I've seen this picture lots of times and I'm always amazed at the size of those quads.


His quads are legendary. I thought Platz claim to fame was that he was into HGH before anyone else. the stuff that you got from cadavers.

anyone else heard this?