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90kg Clean


Got 95 kg in the previous training session. its not happening anymore struggling with 90kg clean


the 2nd rep was better, you stayed tight and stuck it,

keep hammering at it, try 92.5 next time when your not feeling ON IT, then hammer it out.

YOU WILL GET 95 again!



First rep you didn't finish the pull/extension!! The second one was better, but you're still cutting it a bit short!! Finish the pull!!


You start with hips too high, which prevents you from being able to use your legs properly in the explosion.

At the beginning of the lift, the bar is moving away from, rather than towards, your center of gravity.

Your back is rounded at the beginning of the lift, which makes it more difficult to extend forcefully in the second and third pulls.

Your elbow turnover is too slow.

Your explosion is missing. The bar speed for your second and first pulls is very similar. In other words, you are not accelerating the bar properly, and are relying on momentum from (a) the first pull and (b) your jump to achieve the second pull.

It doesn't look as if you are wearing weightlifting shoes, which means that (a) you are not transmitting as much force into the floor as you would with hard soles and (b) you are further ingraining the bad habit of relying on your hamstrings rather than your quads in squeezing the bar off the ground.

Your shoulders could be a bit further out beyond the bar.

You have good flexibility in a deep squat.

I like the minimal foot movement and the minimal plantarflexion.

You are not brushing the bar, which is an indication that you haven't swung the bar back in to your center of gravity and also that you aren't extending properly in the second pull.

Honestly, you'd be best served relearning how to clean. Your motor patterns, as they stand, will limit you. Can you work with a coach or an advanced lifter in your area?


no man i dont any coach here. all we have is a few olympic bars and some weigthts. its pretty much self taught. i will try to take your advice and try to work on my technique. thanks bro for the critique


Good luck. Many lifters are self-taught these days; it can take a while for everything to click. You have the determination to get under a heavy weight and good flexibility, which count for a lot. Keep posting videos for critique, making corrections as you can, and you'll get there.


Delikurt's critique and comments above are excellent. Take them to heart. You have talent. Your technique can be improved, which is good news. You have a lot more than a 95 kg clean in you.