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906 Deadlift Raw


As per his request, sharing George Leeman's latest lift with people who care. It was insanely easy, this kid is gonna give Benedik Magnusson a run for his money before we know it.


Fair play he's a great lifter already, and I'm sure he will achieve a lot in the sport with a few more years of work. Never knew his family had such extreme beliefs. Sad to hear about his father.


To be honest I think grip problems with those kind of weights are almost inevitable, it will probably take a good volume of lifts in that range and a fair bit of time to truly develop confidence in holding them. Magnusson's grip is ridiculously strong.


I shared it to my Facebook wall didn't think to do it here. I can't say how sorry I am for george. Such an awesome guy, already stronger then 95% of power lifters out there at 22.


Definitely more than 95. He's in the top 1% strength wise.


Yeah there are only a handful of people alive capable of a 900lb raw pull. Most of them are strongman competitors.


My mistake. There has only been like 5 or 6 competition pulls above 900 besides the however many KK has done, am I right or just that in the dark.


I remember when he was on here as ubernewb or something. He really shut a lot of people up with his progression and performance.