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900lb Wall Sit by Heba Ali

Was browsing the YouTubes and came across a video of some guy calling out some insta famous chick calling out her 900lb wall sit for fake plates. To her credit, unlike Castleberry, she shows up to prove she can actually do it but doesn’t really succeed.

Anyways what’s a wall sit actually for?
Is it useful for bodybuilding or Powerlifting?
Is it impressive to wall sit big weights?

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Inarguably one of the stupidest things I’ve witnessed in about 24 years.


I feel like a bad person but not gonna lie… was satisfying when that stack tipped.

It’s mostly a garbage lift… um isometric.

Also is this Kenny KO dude related to @MarkKO lel?


Not that I know of :joy:

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You gotta be impressed she showed up.

Tbh she got close to all the plates so probs not fake lol. They got rekt

Yeah close to getting smushed.


I remember back in high school this guy mouthing off about how great a swimmer he was even though I was certain he hardly ever swum.

We ended up taking a bet he couldn’t swim 3000m. Of course, he sunk like a stone after 5 terrible strokes.

He was seriously stunned he failed to complete the swim. No connection to reality.

So I’m not impressed. I think she was delusional.

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something about angry arab girls with some asss on them gets me every time!

That is all.


As if there is not a T Nation article on this

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Archimedes anyone?

Wank bank?

I can’t help but think of the physics of this…

So you screw your feet into the ground, position yourself so that your tibias and fibulas are perpendicular to the ground, and then put weight on it? Where the hell is it going to go? Are your feet going to go through the floor?

That’s only part of it, of course.

There is a bit of weight being applied to the upper portion of the thighs but if you press yourself into the wall enough you get assistance from that as well.

So whatever weight you think you can apply to your wall sit, you’re not actually supporting that weight.

And on top of all of that, it’s pointless. Research has clearly shown (a long time ago) that isometric work will improve your strength at the specific angle only. You would only improve at sitting in that position because there aren’t any real life movements that replicate that position (you’d fall over).

Lastly, wall sits seem to be good for improving your lactate threshold in your quads… so I guess there’s that?

I’ve only ever done them prior to some man-to-man defensive drills in basketball. We built up to a 4 minute wall sit and then got to play half court defense while the offense threw the ball around as fast as humanly possible. It sucked.

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-Yeah, wall sits were part of " Toughness Training" in youth sports. I remember them most from Football. Not soccer ball, of course. You didn’t want to puss out because the whole team was watching. Dudes encourage eachother, to develop leadership and team unity.

Maybe it had some vague connection to holding your stance/position still pre-snap on offence?

-I guess, maybe, under some special circumstance, for a limited time, for a super specific purpose, a wall sit might do something for BB or PL. Maybe. But I’d rather be caught doing barbell hip thrusts or pink dumbbell kickbacks.

-It feels more like smoke and mirrors than something impressive.

I heard isometrics work 15 degrees in either direction.

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In all my years being around lifting I have never seen anyone do these in training. I believe the young women had posted a video of herself supposedly doing 900Lbs easily for 2 minutes while eating a banana . Claiming a world record on it ,which I have never heard of myself. I am at the point with the availability of fake weights I myself tend to take allot of these claims with a grain of salt unless they have been verified in organized comp…


Come on guys.

My wife is around Anna Kendrick’s size. When she throws playful yet half-serious jabs at me while she’s fired up after her cardio kickboxing sessions, I don’t go, “Honey, if this were a real fight, I’d send you flying into another dimension with a palm strike.”

The point is the chick in the video has a nice ass. And she’s wearing yoga pants. I like nice asses in yoga pants.


I’ll post a pic of myself in yoga pants … Just for you😎


There is nothing wrong with barbell hip thrusts! It’s just pure hip extension and removes the quads from the equation. I think they’re actually a great exercise if you want to improve your strength and then hopefully athletic performance (jumping, sprinting, etc).

I’m beginning to think I should paint my dumbbells pink just so I can post a video of me doing DB Rows with the pink (100 lb) DBs.

Don’t be fooled. Today’s pants are specifically designed to lift the glues and display a shape that isn’t actually there. I’m not saying this chick doesn’t have a nice hind end, but the pants do the work for most women.

I saw a girl at the gym who always wears tights. One day she wore the Nike Tempo shorts and it was drastically different. Lies!!!


I’m sure we could set a world record and post it on here.

"Man Sets World Record for Punching Himself in the Nuts!!!

I’ll give you a hint, the record is 1.