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900lb Bulk




I find the word "tragic" to be "hugely" misused.


So, did they do an autopsy?

What was his official BF%? What gains did he make? Were they worth the added bodyfat?


Oh my gawsh....you are like, sooooooo funny.

It is like those cat gifs......that just hit the scene that no one has seen before.

Oh wait.


Some people do not understand extreme goals.

Question, who looks at someone that size and ignores all the muscle underneath?


Agreed. Tragic is not the right term here because you are on the verge of death every day when sporting that much fat(and even much less fat than that). I don't understand how people get that big in the first place.


Not only that...but his "tragic" last day....was the exact same as the other thousands of "tragic" days he had in his life where he made eating his main priority in life.

"Tragic" was his whole life....not the last sandwich that did him in.


"Studio.....you forgot to add the laugh track again. We got nothing but static">


Best Post


He had bitchin' forearms!


Tragic is far and away the worst way to put this.

Tragic is Marines getting killed in a cowardly IED attack in some foreign sandbox.

This fat fuck needed to put the fork down.


His wife should be charge with manslaughter or assisted suicide.

The worst part about these stories are the caregivers, makes me sick. Seriously it is fucking disgusting. If a mother starves her child to death she can face criminal charges. If she feeds her son to the point where he develops diabetes and ends up on one of the TLC documentaries nobody bats an eye. Really think about it. It is fucked up.

This chick Cheryl is a sick fuck. They take enjoyment of being the caregiver and get off on slowly killing someone. She 'likened it to taking care of an overgrown baby'. I wish people had to pass a test or be sterilized before they are allowed to pass on their DNA into the gene pool.

......I bet he had huge calves.......amiright?


It would prove an interesting case study on genetic limits, for sure.



The thing I want to know (but PLEASE don't tell me) with people that get this fat...is there's that first day where they have to turn to their closest family member and say "Yep...I'm gonna have to ask you to clean up my shit off the bed. I ain't making it to the toilet no more. Thanks....oh, and on the way back from dropping that off could you bring me a box of frozen burritos? No need to heat them up S'alright."


Thanks for that imagery.