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9006 HID Kits For Hondas?

I loved the HID headlights on my Acura CL-S. Now that Im driving an Accord I really wanna get an aftermarket HID kit for the Accord. But which one? I’ve read that in order to get the best out of the HIDs you will want to retrofit your headlamps to projectors. But no hurries with that. Just wanna get some HIDs in my 98 Accord.

Ive looked on ebay. There are kits anywhere from $40-$200. Ive read that you get what you pay for. But Ive also read on numerous Honda forums that the cheaper kits work just as well with no issues.

Does anyone have experiance with converting your halogen headlights to headlights with an aftermarket HID kit? If so… which one did you go with?


I have a '95 Mitsubishi FTO back in South Africa, and did just that - the original headlights were about as strong as candles.

I got a cheap set off ebay which got good reviews and there hasn’t been a problem with them at all. You may want to look into LED headlights too which are supposed to be very good. I think the box on my set looks like this, http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/BI-XENON-HID-CONVERSION-KIT-H4-HI-LOW-6000K-/400123089247?cmd=ViewItem&pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item5d2931d15f

i got a 100 dollar kit for my Jetta a couple years back - just find an ebay vendor with good reviews. my kit was straight outta china and was top notch quality wise. i had to replace the bulbs after about 2 and a half years.

however, the projector arguement is a significant one. technically, you arent supposed to put HID bulbs in the regular OEM housing, its a very sloppy beam pattern and is blinding to other drivers. ive aimed my bulbs down though so that it doesnt blind them. also, consider that for the cheap kids you are going to be giving up high beams and low beams. the stock lighting on my jetta was weak, so i felt like that was my best option. or, i could have spent 1000 dollars on OEM HID projectors from europe, which i wasnt interested in doing.

Clockworkchad is right about the OEM housings. 99% of people who want aftermarked HID lights are only doing it for looks as far as I’m concerned. You can buy 9005 and 9006 bulbs at 100 watt and 80 watt respectively, versus the standard 65 and 45 watt bulbs. They are marked “Off-road use only” and are meant to be used off road, but I and a few others I know run them on the roads without much problem. It will still give you the correct beam pattern and also will be many times brighter. Search around for them, they shouldn’t be that hard to find. Just make sure your headlights are properly aimed, and the plastic in the housing isn’t pitted and yellow because those two factors alone are enough to make all the difference. (IF they are most automotive parts stores sell restore kits).

I pass newer vehicles with HID lights on the highway quite often, and if I flick my high beams on when we are side by side, it eliminates all traces of blue light. Give it a try it’s a much cheaper alternative.

i felt like i didnt have a choice, the stock lighting was so poor on my 4th gen volkswagen i felt like i was endangered trying to see at night on the highway as well as on back roads or in the rain.

the US standard for lighting arent very critical, a popular upgrade for most volkswagen owners is to use the europoean spec headlights and bulbs (non HID, regular halogen but better). they have a MUCH crisper beam pattern and the light is designed to help light up the signs on the side of the road as well (good idea, eh?)

so, id say if you do proceed with the HID upgrade, the 4300k temperature is the most ‘natural’ white color and has the best visibility. lower than 4300 is 3000, which is bright yellow. the higher your get - 6000, what i run, has a light blue tinge to it - then 8000k which is bright blue, 10000k is where it gets blue purple, and i think 14000 is actually green.

be careful, if you are behind a cop and are blinding him he will pull you over and could give you a ticket, its illegal to put the HID bulbs in the non HID housing, but ive only really heard of people in california having trouble with that.