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900 Grams of Protein in 3 Minutes


Come at me bro.


Ugh, those farts.


Truly dumb.


I've never wanted to commit murder more so than right now...


I'm going to start cutting nipple holes in my t-shirts.


Haha! That was funny to watch...

At some point I thought he'd be doing a 'Jackass' and vomit the protein in a frying pan, make some pancake and serve it to a buddy... that would've been epic...


Not funny at all.

The dude didn't even stay in character.


If you look at some of his other videos, he's just a retard that eats ridiculous shit.

I'm surprised oil didn't start leaking out of his ass by the time he finished the bottle and didn't end until about 7 weeks later.

He also may or may not be an alcoholic.


Thats some Anabolic Diet shit right there.


Been subbed to him for awhile. Furious Pete is actually one of the top competitive eaters in the world and i believe the best in Canada (he lives in Ontario). So he isn't "just a retard who eats ridiculous shit". He is also sponsored by bb.com so he gets endorsed to do this shit and actually mentioned getting to travel to places for free just so he can eat. That aside dude is pretty beastly has something like a 675 deadlift and recently is in a video training with a few IFBB pros after the Toronto pro show. One i believe was Frank Mcgrath. His story of how he went from being so malnourished that he put himself in the hospital to becoming one of the best eaters in the world is also pretty cool. Getting paid, getting free supps, and being able to travel to eat shit sounds like a pretty good set up to me.


doesnt make that video any less dumb and not funny.


Lol @ the background music...


Says the planker homo....





Dark Ninja has sparked my interest.


dont be jelly that your big ass didnt post it first :slight_smile:


I believe she's sparked everyone's interest.



From a medical standpoint, anyone know how this will go down short term and long term?


His GI can handle it he is young, probably had horrible gas pain with the whey and horrible intestinal cramping with the olive oil.


I did not want to say anything, but if it took him that long he has probably caught it.

Meaning, he wants to blow more than his nose now.