90 Y/O Joe Stockinger Repping 405

This guy pulling 4 plates, so awesome. Goals for all of us.



Amazing! This guy is a badass.

Started at 20 and is now 90. So 70 years to squat 2 plates for 5 and deadlift 4 plates. This is what happens if you waste your newbie gains.

JK, dude moves better than I do haha. Hope I can still squat if I get to that age.


If i can still get off the can without a nurse at 90 I’ll be happy. Although having a nurse assist might be fun too.

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If I can get to 90 without putting my head in the oven, I’ll be happy.


78 and hitting 380:



My gma had that same gonna kick ur ass look in her eye.

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She squats twice as much as me :sob::sob:


She’s had 4x as long to practice :stuck_out_tongue:


Is she in a squat suit? Can’t tell if it is a singlet (which would be unusual for training), or in a suit. Impressive either way.

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Given the brand, it’s unusual no matter what, haha.

That’s a good question. Almost more impressive if she’s gear’d up along with wraps at her age.

Are you talking about the controversy with metal. IIRC, they are being phased out of powerlifting federations (they may be already, I remember most feds said they would allow them for a year, then they wouldn’t be allowed).

Yup. It’s less about being legal and far more the overall context that I find unusual.

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A Black lady wearing the gear from a company that’s owner mocked Floyd’s death is a bit of a trip. She perhaps doesn’t know. I think it is a relatively niche thing to know.

I wouldn’t have known about it if some weirdo on T-Nation hadn’t started a thread about it at the time.


Her God requires her to forgive.

Most likely she doesn’t know. If she does know is it really all that weird? Most of us are reading this website on technology we know is made using child or slave labour or in inhumane conditions at best… yet here we are “supporting” it.

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She also has a cost associated with the purchase. If it is a suit, it is expensive. I would still use metal gear if I wasn’t competing and was a geared lifter. I would probably cover the logo though. Most likely she doesn’t know.