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90’s Bodybuilding Was Pretty Damn Good

Just a reminder from my IG feed this morning -lol



Like Granite.

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My favorite era after the Golden Era. Yates, Levrone, Ronnie, Matarrazzo, Ray (douche but amazing) Nasser, Flex, Cormier… Just a better time. No cell phone d bags in the gym. I think that’s the defining issue these days.

This came up on my feel too, How good is this pic. Dorian looking amazing and good to see other legends like Mike Fancois and Sonny Schmidt sadly both now past.

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Even underdogs back then weren’t a joke, like my favorite one, Hamdullah.image

Francois died ??

Oops I may be wrong. I remember him getting colitis or something similar back in the day. Thought I read somewhere but don’t quote me. Apologies if I got it completely wrong.

Just checked… He lives. He was awesome.

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Mike was the first Pro I ever met, and to this day I can recall how friendly and polite he was.

An accomplished IFBB Pro, being helpful, answering countless stupid (uninformed) questions from a young kid, without any attitude, or ego.

I still have my pic with him, and damn do I look young (and small) in it! :slight_smile:



That’s bad ass. I’ve met a lot and only one was a douche… Shawn Ray

I met Ronnie Coleman around 2000 - 2001. He was a true freak! Have never seen the likes of him since.

I actually still prefer the 70’s and 80’s physiques

Yeah, I’ve got a soft spot in my iron heart for late 70’s/early 80’s :slight_smile:

Maybe next training day I’ll throw on a string tank top , headband, and short shorts like Haney used to rock back in the day.


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Lol Next set best set baby !

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Classic Physique fan?

Hmm not really as in following it or watching contests, I watch more mens open for entertainment purposes.

But I guess I prefer the classic and golden era physique in terms of aesthetic.

I prefer to look like that than be 300lbs, I do enjoy watching the mass’ers though.

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This came up on my IG feed earlier, Yates off season guest posing around 97.

The guy was 5’10 and competed at I believe a high of 265 or so. Remember how big and honestly pretty well conditioned this “sloppy” off season look is when someone online of similar height claims a similar weight while being “lean” and make sure you realize that they look nothing like Yates does here -lol

He really was a damn monster. Always gonna be one of the greats imo.



whats your guess on his offseason weight here Stu. 300?

I think the heaviest he ever was for an off-season guest posing was just under 300. His heaviest ever stage weight was just under 270. So if you figure this is six-time Mr. Olympia winner somewhere around 280 to 290 pounds, just let that sink in the next time you hear some online wanna be claiming similar stats and being “relatively Lean” :wink:


If he was 260 onstage at 4%, that gives him a LBM of 250.
That means if he is 290 in this pic he is at 14% BF. Add that to the picture when someone else says they are 15% BF !!

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