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90% of Children with DS are Aborted II


I must be doing something wrong with the new format, but I will try again none the less ; )

So a zygote has the same DNA, same tissue, etc. but it simply has the “potential” to become human? Where is the science to back your claim? Alright let us follow your logic out. When does that human being gain their person hood? When did you get yours?

Your talking about abortion being nature’s way of killing babies is simply gruesome and wrong. Abortion is the direct and willful destruction of an innocent child who would grow into adulthood if left alone.

By the way, abortion is the polar opposite to a miscarriage. I know a young lady who had an abortion many years ago and she recently just had a miscarriage. The two are not even comparable! Talk to someone with the events you claim are the same, before you talk like you know.

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How would society be tangibly strengthened if Down syndrome ceased to be perceived as the glaring genetic disorder that it is?


So Bismark, are the successful models, actors / actresses, athletes and able bodied people with DS irrelevant to society? Really it is quite sad if you let a genetic abnormality define a person’s value.


Is DS a genetic abnormality or a genetic disorder. That is, a deficiency. Any rational person would thus prefer a non DS child to a DS child, though I won’t knock those who courageously choose to bring such disabled children into the world.


There is zero argument that DS is a genetic abnormality. Yet do you believe someone should be literally torn apart because they carry said disorder?


I believe that the decision to abort a pregnancy if the fetus shows clear signs of major defect lies with the parents. Does society benefit more from the intellectually healthy or the profoundly intellectually disabled? I draw the line where fetal brain activity begins.


I’m a big fan of eugenics too…/sarcasm


DS is a genetic abnormality/disorder.
Most people only have 2 chromosome-21s, not 3 (like in DS).
Typical bullshit from you kneedragger.


You draw the line at were fetal brain activity begins? By whom were you given the authority to draw that line? What qualifies as that anyway? There is neurological activity in zygote very early on in a human being’s life; despite the lack of organ development.
There is no such distinction in any of the scientific literature that the more developed human being is any more or less human based on it’s capacity to fire electro-biological pulses in the cranium. As a matter of fact, if you can prove, scientifically, that ‘brain activity’ makes a human being more human, than one that does not yet meet your criteria for conceding it’s value as a human being, I will jump the fence and join your side.


Is now the value of whether or not a human being deserves to live or die based on whether or not society would be tangibly strengthened by “allowing” a disabled person to live? That’s a horrible, draconian value judgement on a human being’s life. But I can think of one way society would be strengthened. It would show we love even the weakest of our members. And a society who cares for it’s least, is a great society.


Matty, so what scientific fact do you use use to draw the line as to where and when you can abort a child?

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This was already covered quite well by pat, yet we might be going different routes so I will reply to this comment.

Does society have to benefit from someone before they have value? Simply being human and alive is enough for me to know all people deserve the right to life.

The neighbor I had in Phoenix a number of years ago did nothing more than teach his step children how to be members of a gang, like he was. In fact in the original conversation I had with him, he told me that he killed seven people himself, how he got away with murder and no one was the wiser. The worst portion, his brother and father taught him how to do it and he was raising all of his kids to become the same type of people. Do people like that have more of a right to life than a defenseless child, to anyone for that matter? Who is the one to decide who has more or less rights?

Does any disability qualify a person to have less of a right to life than a completely healthy person? What age is the cut off?

By the way, I am asking these questions to have a better understanding to where you are coming from.