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90% of Children with Down Syndrome are Aborted


This sweet child has DS, and he has a message for everyone!

footnote I was unable to attach the photo so I will add it to the next post, after this thread loads.


I am the 10% of children born with Down Syndrome who survived Roe v. Wade


Allright, how bad is it that my first reaction was that I doubt he wrote that all by himself?


This is for sure one of the most tasteless threads ever made.

We get it, the heat in PWI is ON because some people are after your child's LIFE!

I take it your avatar is yourself after some unfortunate accident? BTW, is porno your favorite medium of documentary television?

Also, why do you think a supposed supercreator would look like a retarded kid?


Nothing tasteless about your comment though right?


It's pretty tasteless to take this child (whoever did that, not the OP) and make him the medium of some political message. It's exploitation. Pure and simple.


For that matter, why don't we just round up all the retards and kill them.


It is tasteless and hopefully the kid isn't aware enough to realize what happened.

Kneeddragger- your definition of perfect creation is messed up. You do realize faulty genetics is responsible for Down's Syndrome, right?

I don't understand how those who believe in a perfect creation can look at six-legged Indian child and tell themselves "Yep, God's handiwork". That "handiwork" is the bad type of variation which will not be passed down to offspring and is not good for our survival. Realize that if humanity hadn't killed millions of misshapen babies through infanticide throughout most of it's history, you wouldn't be here today.

I apologize for being harsh.


When discussing perfect creation, you must define clear quality measures. Your perception of perfect is in fact imperfect.


You're missing the point. A hunter/gather tribe could not support large deviations in the genetic code that didn't make the person better able to survive. That's why infanticide was practiced. Had it not been, you and I might not be here today. So no one should be surprised that today many still feel the urge to abort a kid that will hold them back in life.

You may not like this blatant, unfeeling logic. But it's 100% why these kids are aborted. The parents still feel the urge to survive to the best of their capabilities, even in our domesticated, modern life. Who are you to tell them they shouldn't when you are in fact here because your ancestors made a similar decision?


So you are pro-eugenics? or you are just giving the reason?


Most parents abort out of selfish greed in todays society. We can not be compared to cavemen, especially in our plight for survival. It's a weak apology for weaker reasoning.


Not really, it is the argument that we are hardwired a certain way and to want offspring that has a decent chance of producing offspring itself is part of that wiring.

People who tended to accept less than optimal offspring kind of tended not to make it too far genetically.

You are the descendant of a long line of selfish bastards.


Pro-eugenics is actually counter-productive to over-all population fitness from a numeric standpoint. Variation NEEDS to exist. If you eradicate too much of it throughout the whole population, you're left with a weakened species (see domesticated dog breeds). Letting people make individual decisions regarding their offspring is safer, from a numbers standpoint.

It's just a reason. From this same reason, you can see how variations like people who kill and rape their families emerge and also disappear.


Pretty much what I was going to say.


HoustonGuy- Where do you think that greed comes from?


So, if they find a gay gene and can test for it pre-birth, you think parents should get to abort gay babies, and that would be good?


Forget abortion, how about genetic/hormonal therapy (depending on cause). If it has a biological cause, there will be a treatment at some point. If/once it's cheap, parents (right or left wing) will opt for it.


Debating ancient infanticide psychological conjecture and hard wired behavioral theories to kill weak offspring does not compute with society today by any stretch of the imagination.

Most abortions today are more along the thought process of "Oh shit, I don't want no babies! We was just fuckin'"

Two totally different apples altogether and theories on acient practices do not hold merit today. At least not in societies where people post on T-Nation all day.

To follow the eugenics line of discussion will only lead to Hitler.


Personal sacrifice and a lack of freedom that is inherent with parenthood, spawned by accidental pregnancy.