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90 Day Testim Script per Co-Pay in MA?

I previously had BCBS here in MA and had a $30 monthly co-pay for 10gm testim. I now have new insurance (new job)and the script is through CVS caremark. They show $75 co-pay for 1 month, or $150 co-pay for a 3 month supply( 5gm or 10gm I do not know). Here in Massachusetts the rules for class III say no more than a 30 day supply can be given at one time. Can I pay for the 3 month supply and pick it up, or mail order, on a monthly basis? Thank you in advance.


Is the 30 day rule from SVs Caremark?

We just had another thread go through this for injected T.

If money is an issue, start self injecting.

CAremark shows a 3 monthsupply I believe it’s a state law