90 Day Fat Loss Challenge Training Log

Hey everyone,

Colby Knepp here from Denver, Colorado.

I’m a former semi-professional rugby athlete. My training up until recently has been entirely based on maximizing on field performance, but now that I’ve hung up the boots I figured why not change things up for the next 12 weeks and focus on getting as lean and muscular as possible?

So the premise of this training log is simple - eliminating body fat while maintaining as much muscle as possible.

I’ll be documenting my progress on YouTube if you care to follow, and also posting my training here on T-Nation.

Here’s a quick intro on the training protocol:

Phase 1 - Foundation Strength (6 weeks)

Split: Upper/Lower
Strength: 3x/week
Conditioning: 3x/week mandatory
Active Recovery: 1x/week mandatory, 1x/week optional

More to come!

Day 0: Grocery shop, food prep & before pictures.

Day 0: Grocery shopping, food prep and before pictures.

Before Pics

May 25th, 2015 | Day 01 | Upper Body A

A1. Seated DB Shoulder Press, 3x5-8; 70x5/75x5/75x5
A2. Chin Ups, 3x5-8; BWx8/BWx8/BWx6

  • Rest 90s between sets
  • Pick a weight that you can lift for no more than 5 quality reps. Your goal each week is to beat the previous weeks rep record.

B1. Chest Supported DB Row, 3x5-8; 50x8/50x8/50x8
B2. Dips, 3x5-8; BWx8/25x8/35x8

  • Rest 90s between sets
  • Pick a weight that you can lift for no more than 5 quality reps. Your goal each week is to beat the previous weeks rep record.

C1. Standing DB Curls, 3x10-12; 30x10/30x10/30x10
C2. Weighted Push Ups, 3x10-12; 45x10/45x10/45x10

  • Rest 60s between sets
  • Pick a weight that you can lift for no more than 10 quality reps. Your goal each week is to beat the previous weeks rep record.

D. Hanging Leg Raises, 3x15, rest 60s between sets; 15/15/15

Notes: I haven?t done an upper/lower split in a long ass time. I?ve been doing purely competitive CrossFit programming the past 12 months. It felt really good to get a solid pump in. Overall, workout was solid. I need some help with my chin ups ? I bet as I get lighter I?ll be able to make those look better.

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Eating Plan

My eating philosophy is pretty simply ? eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. Weigh and measure intake and adjust as necessary based on goals. Eat enough to support exercise but not body fat.

Sound familiar? It?s the official ?CrossFit? eating prescription ? modified slightly. If you?re familiar with CrossFit?s prescription for nutrition you?ll know that it simply Paleo food choices in Zone proportions.

The Zone Diet, created by Barry Sears, is a great approach to losing weight. What I really like about the Zone diet is two fold:

  1. It accounts for food intake.
  2. It?s easy to manipulate quantities once a baseline has been established.

The measurement system utilized by the Zone diet measures ?blocks? instead of calories to track food intake. One block contains each of the main macronutrients ? one protein source, one carbohydrate source and one fat source.

To get more specific, each block contains 7 grams of protein, 9 grams of carbohydrate and 1.5 grams of fat. In order to have a complete block, you would need to have those amounts present.

So, with that measurement system, a ?3 block? meal would contain 21 grams of protein, 27 grams of carbohydrate and 4.5 grams of fat.

As an example, if you were to eat 15 blocks per day you would divide that total up across the entire day. It might look something like this:

Morning: 3 blocks
Snack: 2 blocks
Lunch: 3 blocks
Snack: 2 blocks
Dinner: 3 blocks
Snack: 2 blocks

While not perfect, it was a very effective approach for the average American.

Do you want to be average? No, so we need to modify things a little bit.

As I mentioned earlier, this is rather high in carbohydrate (because it was written for a population who had become addicted to carbs!) and was low in fat. We?re going to modify this approach slightly for our purposes of improving our physique and performance.

And because I don?t want to get sued, we?re going to measure our intake in ?Bricks? instead of ?Blocks?. Big thank you to Christmas Abbott for coining that term.

For our purposes, one brick will contain 7 grams of protein, 5 grams of carbohydrate and 1.5-4.5 grams of fat.

For the first 21 days, my intake will be 20 bricks per day. Allowed food choices are what I consider to fall in the ?optimal? category for fat loss ? meat, vegetables and healthy fats. No grains, no dairy and no starches. Post-workout drink is allowed and it counts towards the daily total.

Following the first 21 days I?ll revaluate my progress and adjust as needed.

May 26th, 2015 | Day 02 | Conditioning

A. 5:00 ride at moderate pace on AirDyne to get sweaty.

B. 300 calories for time on AirDyne. Rest for 60 seconds every 30 calories. Go hard while working.

Notes: Awesome conditioning session today. The session that was originally planned was 45:00 minutes of low intensity walking. Well, I took my dogs on a long walk and was still itching to train. I was feeling the juju, so I decided to hammer one home.

This workout was a quad burner for sure!

I didn?t get my time, but I am guessing it was somewhere in the 16:00-18:00 minute range.

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Day 03 | Lower Body A

A. Back Squat, 3x5-8, 180s rest; 315x5/315x5/315x5
B. KB Swings, 3x20, 120s rest; 71x20/71x20/71x20
C. Plate Shrugs, 3xAMRAP; 90s rest; 45x25/25x20/45x20
D1. 1-Leg Standing Calf Raise, 3x15-20, 60s rest; 20/20/20
D2. Ex-Bar Behind the Back Wrist Curl, 3x15-20; 15/15/15
E. Sled Sprints, 5-8 reps of 30 seconds, rest 90s;

Notes: Really good session today. Energy was good going into it. Took some time warming up, which is something that I donâ??t usually do :confused: - and it was also the first time in about three weeks that I got relatively heavy on back squats. My depth felt great.

KB Swings were solid. Felt it a little bit in my lower back near the end sets, but I am guessing itâ??s because I am not used to the higher volume of heavy swings.

Overall â?? good workout! Active recovery day tomorrow â?? as I write this I am starting to feel a little run down, so I am looking forward to getting some quality fuel in my body and backing off from training tomorrow to be ready for the weekend.

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Day 04 | Rest Day

Had a late night at work and also an early morning wake up call from my dogs, so the morning started out with sore legs and a tired head.

But regardless nutrition has been ON POINT ? no slip ups or missed meals. Really proud of that fact. I know myself, and it?s when I get run down and tired (like today), that I slip up.

Pounded a 5 brick breakfast, drank some coffee and caught up on some work.

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Day 08 | Shoulders

First week in the books!

Nutrition has been ON POINT. Really proud of that fact. I started logging my food in a journal mid week and that has helped bring some awareness to when and how much I need to eat.

Currently sitting at 209.5# - going to keep my intake the same until progress slows.

Today?s workout - this is from the first phase of CT’s Indigo Hypertrophy Program:

A. Seated Shoulder Press, 4x6-8
B. Seated Shoulder Press, extended sets, 4x6-8, max reps, max reps
C. Seated Shoulder Press, super slow ? 5 up 5 down tempo ? 3x6-8
D1. Scott Press 3x12
D2. DB Push Press 3x AMRAP
E1. Bottom half lateral raise 4x10-12
E2. DB Lateral Raise 4x8-10
E3. DB Shoulder Press 4xAMRAP
F1. DB Lateral Raise 3x6-8
F2. Arnold Press 3xAMRAP
F3. DB Push Press 3xAMRAP

Notes: It?s been YEARS since I have done any sort of body part split. Instead I have been focusing on strength & performance. Now that my strength is up to par, really looking forward to seeing some mass gains in my upper body.

Squat: 435
DL: 465
Bench: 295
Clean & Jerk: 255
Unbroken Muscle Ups: 5
Unbroken Pull Ups: 30
500m Row: 1:21.7
2k Row: 7:01

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Day 09 | Lower Body Power + Accessory Strength

Another solid session. Energy is starting to come back ? the end of last week was getting a little rough. Mentally drained by the end of it. But none the less I am feeling a lot better today.

Started today off with some Broad Jumps ? five sets of five reps, resetting between each. Rest 45s between sets.

After that I moved on to Depth Jump Rebound for Distance ? a simple plyometric exercise to help with the explosiveness of the lower body. Five sets of 3 reps again, and only 45s of rest.

My main strength movement of the day was building to a 5 rep max hang power clean. I did 185 successfully. And wimped out and only did 205 for 3 reps. My form was getting a little sloppy so I decided to cut it off.

Ended todays workout with front rack walking lunges ? five sets of eight steps with 135# on the bar.

All in all another great training session.

Thanks for following!

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