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90 Day Challenge

My Name is Sam Glauber.

I’m from whitefish Montana. Since the winter is very long up here in the north country I’ve decided to give my self a new challenge.

I’m going to transform my physique in 90 days.

Here are my starting stats

wieght 195
hieght 5’9
bf% @ 14%

My goal is to get into the single digits body fat and add a few pound of muscle at the same time.

I’ve been training “smart” for about 3 years. But I’ve let the extra pounds creep up over the past few months and it’s time to get serious again.

I’ll post my weekly diet log as well as my training programs.

Stay tuned for my starting pics and first week of training.

Day 2

Today is day two of my 90 day challenge. I’ll try to post every couple of days if possible and a least once a week to keep everybody updated.

Day one was the typical day of a new diet and eating plan. Basically it sucked. I wake up at about 4am to go to work on mondays. Yeah that’s right 4am. I know most of you T-Nationers are probaly still cuddled up to you latest printed out article of of the Atomic Dog under you pillow and an empty tub of Surge in between your legs to keep your illiac soas minor from going out of alignment while you sleep, but I’m standing in the kitchen trying not to wake up my wife while I grind coffee and plop two scoops of my favorite protien power into a large glass of water. With the premium price of protien these days a hate to waste it so I have to slide what missed my glass off the counter and back into my shake.

For the first three weeks of my diet I’ll be following my version of the ‘green faces diet’ Which is pretty much just protein and vegitables. No Fruit and No dairy.

I’m doing a 5x5 program with a three day split.

Chest and Back

Legs and Abs

Arms and Shoulders

I know total body training is all the rage these days but I like to keep my options open.

I would greatly appreciate anyone’s feed back or question on my plan.



Can you share what your diet is? Besides kitchen counter sweeped protein powder that is haha.

you look young to be already married. good luck to you. It will be interesting to follow your progress as time goes on. I am similarly trying to transform myself, but I’m a lot fatter than you so my routine is different. Once again, good luck- even though it’s all about determination, not luck.

Say hey Sam,

Looking forward to following your transformation. Good thing you’ve got a sweet gym to train in. :wink:

Take care, buddy.

[quote]Scott M wrote:
Can you share what your diet is? Besides kitchen counter sweeped protein powder that is haha. [/quote]

Sorry It took so long to get back to you guys about my diet.

For the first two weeks I will be following a modified version of the “green faces” diet as outlined in After Burn by Cosgrove.

It consist of eating anything that has a face, had a face, or will have a face. So pretty much meat and eggs for my protein. No Dairy. And anything that grows green out of the ground. So pretty much just vegetables for my carbs.

After the initial two week phase is over I will slow start to add back in stachtie carbs like oatmeal and grains along with fruit.



Do you know Bach parker or the Parker family?

[quote]Rugby_Owns wrote:
Do you know Bach parker or the Parker family?[/quote]

Sorry I’ve very heard of them

Do they live in Whitefish?


Yeah they do. never mind then if you haven’t heard of em.

This is a great idea. I think I’ll do a 90 challenge myself.

Can you post other pics and goals for the end of the 90 days.

How’s your progress now?