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9 Yr Old Female Lifter



inb4 someone screams child abuse.


not impressive, I can squat more than twice that much


It's going to stunt her growth!


I was such a pussy when I was her age o.o


damn, i wish i could squat that at 9.


That is pure awesomeness! :slight_smile:

I expect we'll see her in the Olympics someday.


That's great. Too short for the squat rack but already kicks ass.


Youtube comments make me hate life.


Pure awesomeness, I fucking love it!


i think thats awesome. and i think it is awesome how the dad and mom are handling the youtube comments. props to them.


Absolutely awesome!!

I haven't checked out the comments on you tube yet. I'm sure the negative ones reflect the ignorance of the general public, that lifting will stunt her growth, cause arthritis when she's 30, and make her uterus fall out.


Why did she step back?


That lifting makes your uterus fall out is the best part of it. Please don't wreck it for me.

Her lifting is great. She looks so confident and the last squat came up so easily.

It's almost like she got to squat out of a monolift when the guys held it for her.


Another 9 year old from my meet last week:


Reposting my youtube comment here:

In otherwords, I agree with you 100%!


Probably required to in that fed.


She was 'walking it out' even though it was already free of the stands


Exactly my point. The 'walking it out' is likely required by the fed, no due to the squat stand.

Look at it this way, whomever had the record that she broke had to walk it out. Some people would conisder it unfair if she didn't have to as well.


Comments disabled. Wish I would have seen some