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9 YO Olympic Weightlifting Champion


Not sure if this has been posted here...pretty impressive!


I love how the weight bounced like 10 feet away when he dropped it lol


that's probably good for the joints


That's cute. I love when little kids are actually good at something productive instead of video games.


Those kraiburg plates bounce like a happy fat girl.

Kid missed the jerk though. How can he be the champ without the jerk?



Bounciest plates I've ever seen.

I wonder is he on juice?


Well he's probably on creatine, so his lifts are invalid because he's cheating.


He just put far less stress on his joints than he would have jumping off a swing on the playground.

I think he'll be okay.




Thanks for that link, it lead me to this one:


OOOOHHHH DANAA... Sculpt me now.


theres no way this is 135


I think it could be , he could lock it out almost resting on the floor:) But I think it is impressive


They are standard diameter bumpers. you can get them as low as 5lb plates with standard size.

It might be 95#. either way though, good for him for having fun.