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9 Years In The Gym and ... Nothing!

Hi All! Sorry for my poor english, but I learn this…

I am about 30 years old. I’ve been training in the gym since may 2009 (with stop 2013-2015).

With diet (low-carb, high carb, paleo, vegan… i tried different…)
With different routines: Classic split (Chest-Tri, Shouders-Legs, Back-Bi) Rippetoe SS, Push-Pull, Push-Pull-Legs, GVT, McRobert minimalistic routines (2 days per week)

The problem is: I don’tt make a result! No muscle growth, no increase in strength!

My results:

Bench press: 50 kg
Squat: 55 kg
Deadlift: 79 kg

I’m exhausted after each workout. On the second day I feel like with flu.
My condition sucks. I’ve had a lot of sport since I was a child. It gives no results.

I had trainers who watched my training and diets. Two of them competed in bodybuilding, They have no idea for me.

I have low T: 8-12 nmol/l
My TSH is: 2,80

After many years I still have heavy DOMS.

My only success is cutting. I lost 40 kg. That’s the reason why I’m still staying in the gym.
Any surplus in diet give me fat on belly. I am skinny-fat.

Before gym:
After cutting:

As a beginner, I did not have any increase in strength.
2 people with whom I trained - today they are bodybuilders and compete on stage.
I sleep 7-12 hours per night.
All time I feel sleepy.

I have digestive problems. Food comes out from my stomach after 3-5 hours. I used betaine HCl, but that’s not it. I think I have problem with hormones: insulin and testosterone. I have been at the doctor, but in my country hormonal therapy is unknown for mans. T has a low level. I feel this. Test show me 8-12 nmol/l.

What do You think about my story?

Bet this wouldnt have been a problem if you never went on that excessive cut

I think the problem was you didn’t try enough programs and enough diets and not in enough combinations

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This looks fake. So… in for troll.


I really do apologize if I step on your toes when I say this, but I don’t think you went about this correctly.

2009 until your second picture, I think you did all the things necessary to lose weight. Which I think you did a fantastic job. But after that, I think you went in the opposite direction.

Once you lost all that weight, it would’ve been great had you stuck with an efficient weight training program. Granted there’s nothing wrong with split training, PPL, or programs from Rippetoe, but intelligent programming comes down to you individually, and how you wish to incorporate stuff, but I think that part of your training, was lost. You combined restricting your caloric intake with exercise, which doesn’t really end up well, especially for how long you’ve done that.

The last picture you posted, I don’t think you have anything wrong with your hormones. I think you denied yourself enough food to where your body, eventually, drove you to the point where you ate enough to keep itself in some sort of stable area. In the form of excess fat. I’m no doctor or anything, but I can guarantee part of your issues with your Testosterone is based around how much weight you’ve lost. Same with your sleeping, and digestive issues.

Your lifting stats you posted, and the fact that your energy is no where to be found, suggest that you need to rearrange your meals and at what time you’re having them. At the same time, picking a well designed strength program, tweaking absolutely nothing about it, and disciplining yourself enough to see it through for some years.

Once again, I’m not trying to come off as a knob, but I agree with @SOUL_FIGHTER. And I have a feeling a lot more of the well seasoned veterans here will tell you something along the same lines.


What do you eat every day? List out EXACTLY.
How many calories a day do you consume ?
Protein/carb/fat in grams?

If you believe you have Low T I would get a blood test to confirm, also just a general health check is never a bad idea(blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol). You will feel a lot better getting that situated if in fact, you have low T and it’s not being caused by your diet/sleep/etc.

These are obvious troll jobs. I bet all these people who’ve been training so long and so hard (as they claim) all probably have the same IP address.

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That last pic is like something from Chatroulette or some shit. What the fuck :joy::joy:


I think you sound very familiar. You don’t happen to have various qualifications and successfully coach others by any chance, do you?

@Chris_Colucci thoughts?


Or a guy who doesn’t wanna train if he’s gonna end up looking like Larry Scott


Sounds like the low T is a major factor, especially for DOMS. What country are you in?

Only advice I can give you is to trim those body hair. Shit looks disgusting, everything else comes second

I am not a troll. I live in Europe, my english is poor, and photoes are real.

I described the problem in other boards.

Yes, I train 9 years. During this time I was different workout routines.
I rented meals, diet and coach (famous bodybuilder in my country).
The coach saw my workouts. The only problem he saw - stiff ankles (squat), high TSH (5-7) and low T (6-8 nmol/l)
He resigned from his work for me.
He said: “You’re the hardest hardgainer I’ve ever seen”.

I was hoping you had more knowledge and ideas in the US.

I am terrified that you say - “he is a troll”… Be serious…

I have all problems from this topic: https://www.t-nation.com/training/all-hardgainers-are-not-created-equal


Carbs? Make me fat… 100-150 grams ED.
Whey: 120-180 ED (when I eat more = make me fat)
Rest: Fat

If I do heavy training, my strength decreases.
The testosterone problem has always been.
The doctor was thinking about TRT.
I have 150 pnmo/l estro and very high DHT, DHEA-S.

If you think I’m a troll, delete the topic.

You have my blessing to stop training.


Guys and gals should I speak or keep my mouth shut?

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Let it rip.

You’re not going to ruin his gains or anything.


I would address the possible root cause of the low T first. At your age it might be a indicator of a hidden health issue.

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This has me stumped, your diet seems complete and covers the major areas of carbs, whey and fat.

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Read this: https://www.t-nation.com/workouts/531-how-to-build-pure-strength

Do the program at the end. Don’t add or remove anything, pay attention to the training max discussion.

Grab a plate, then 3x per day:

Fill a quarter of the plate with one of: eggs, meat, chicken, fish, sausage, bacon, etc or have a large glass of milk instead

Fill a quarter of the plate with: rice, bread, pasta, oats (prepped with water), quinoa, fruit or have a large glass of juice instead (juice/fruit can only be done once per day)

Then half the plate with veggies. Every meal, inc breakfast

Then add a drizzle of oil, butter, half an avocado or upto 12 nuts.

Before bed have greek yoghurt (1-2 cups), cinnamon, frozen berries and optionally another piece of fruit, a handful of crushed walnuts mixed together. Let the berries thaw before eating.

Put iodized sea salt on your veggies.

Come back in 3 months time and do the above 90% of thetime (ie. you can do something other than the above for one meal every 4 days, that includes skipping meals, skipping veggies or anything else), accept your waist may increase a bit. We’ll fix that later


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Your story looks fake, with the right training and attending the gym regularly as you are doing and eating the right amounts of nutrients, we expect you to put on some muscles. Unless of course, we are talking of a situation where you don’t eat enough. In this case, the body uses calories to repair itself and to grow. Resistance training requires calories to make your muscles grow. Now since you have mentioned that you’ve been supervised by professional builders, they must have mentioned to you the phrase ‘’protein bro! Lift harder’’ this is what is required to give you lean muscles.

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