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9 Year Old Wld. Rec. Bench Press


Nine-Year-Old Champion Wrestler to Break World Record

SYKESVILLE, Md. - Weightlifting is normally a sport reserved for the big and brawny, but one area youngster is showing that even a lightweight can push some pretty "big" weight.

When you think of world record setters, you think of swimmer Michael Phelps and sprinter Usain Bolt...you donâ??t think of a nine year old who has only been inside a gym three times in his entire life, but thatâ??s what this story is all about-dreaming big dreams and lifting heavy weights.

Down a quiet two-lane country road in Sykesville, Maryland lies "the barn" where some of the areas best youth wrestlers hit the mats.

In the mix youâ??ll find seven-time national champion Aaron Brooks; he's only nine years old and already has over 300 wins.

His key to success is pretty simple "a lot of practice and a lot of time put into it".

Aaron's success on the mats has led to a challenge.

On June 12th, in New Jersey, he will attempt to break the world record in the bench press.

The current record for eight and nine-year-olds in the 88 pound weight class is 77 lbs.

Aaron can do multiple reps at that weight; his goal is to do one rep at between 90 and 100 pounds.



The comments to the story seem informed and enlightening.


i agree


Scott Cartwright's son is 9 yrs old, something like 67 lbs. Dont think hes doing as much as this kid, maybe 75 or 80 pounds, but im sure hell give him a run for his money in a few years...


man when my brother was 9 he weighed at least 140-150, but was not that strong.


when i was nine i was reppin' out 225 for reps man!

Just kiddin but that kid is one hell of a wrestler, and strong too.