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9 Weeks on TRT: Low SHBG & Advice with Labs

Hey guys so I’ve been on trt for about 9 weeks or so and I’m feeling much better compared to pre trt but I still have my mood up and down (mainly getting depressed on someday but not nearly as bad as before ). I just got recent bloodwork (bloodwork done Thursday morning before my injection )and here are my results from pinning 160mg per week split into 2 doses Monday and Thursday.

I’m wondering if I’m better off trying EOD or maybe even ED due to my shbg being low. Also what do you guys think about my dose ? I’ve gotten advice like I might need to higher my dose along with pin more frequently . I would like to be In the upper end of normal .Thanks for your input. I was put in trt after being highly competitive in bodybuilding

Estradiol: 35 normal range less than 39 pg/ml

Shbg 11. Normal range 10-50nmol/l

Test total 562 normal range 250-1100 ng/dL

Test free : 153 normal range 35-155

My SHBG is 16, and anything less than daily puts me in place where I feel flat and just not as fun. I would def switch to daily somewhere around week 12 if you dont feel any better. Dont make too many changes either or youll never know what works or makes things worse. Daily shots will show higher T levels when you test, so make sure to test before injection, since the chance for a significant trough is reduced with more frequent shots.

Thanks for the input! You’re suggesting keeping the same dose and changing frequency for now?

Yea keep the same dose and spread it out daily. Start at the beginning of week 10.

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I also recommend more frequency and smaller dosages, my SHBG is on the lower end any significant changes in Total T will see my Free T fluctuate substantially for which I am sensitive.

By the way your levels are great, the injection frequency is the problem.

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Thanks ! Would you have an idea on how long it will take to notice improvement once daily administration starts ? And because I’m doing daily I’ll switch from 25g 1 inch harpoons to 29-30g 1/2 in insulin needles for shallow IM injections . I’ll probably load a weeks worth of syringes every week.

We’re all different, but I notice a change like this at week 3 usually