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9 Weeks into Test E. Possible Fake Gear

HI guys, i’ll try cover everything thats needed if I missed someone I’ll add it in. I’m from Australia.

95kg (209lbs)
26 Years old
Training 5 years.

Macros: 563.7(Carbs) 271.7(Protein) 73.1(Fats)
Calories: 4000

Before my cycle I was down on 3300 cals, just 500 over my TDEE.
I started Test E 500mg Per week and my weight started going up, I got to about week 5-6 where my first vial ran out and I was about 5kg up. After changing to the next vial my weight has only got up 1kg and I dont feel much strength gain.

I’ve got up in size but not so much strength and stalled around week 7 for weight. I decided i’d give the supplier the benefit of the doubt and I bought some dbol to mix in mid cycle (Which I know is usually ran at the start). I’m 3 days into 30mg per day and my weight is literally the same, not even moved a few 100 grams.

Could this be bunk gear?

1-12: Test E
8-12: Dbol (I know its not normal to run this time of cycle, was a last minute choice)
14-16: Nova/Clomid PCT

Could be, have you changed much in the way of diet along with the weight gain? Personally your protein looks a little low try increasing to 300-350 and see how you go in the next week. Still no change i’d get bloods done to see where your levels are at.

I’m going to say bunk or at least underdosed. The first vial obviously not but the second possibly especially due to not an oz gained on Dbol. How ever 11kg is over 22 pounds so that is no small amount by any means and you may have just milked what that dose is gonna give you in immediate terms of time. I doubt you diet is the problem if that’s honestly what your eating I’d say it is about perfect.