9 Week Prowler Challenge - Clarification on Assistance Work?

On page 172 of the 531 Forever book, week 9 of the prowler challenge. It state’s that “all your lifting, jumping, etc. will remain the same”. Given that I would have been hitting X reps for push/pull as assistance each week so far would I also be doing this assistance on week 9 prior to doing the prowler test prescribed, or would week 9 be a small deload in just hitting my main movement prior to attacking the prowler test one day?

Would appreciate some clarification on Jim’s intention’s here. Thanks.

I have zero idea what you are asking

Sorry I wasn’t clear enough.

Week 9 of the 9 Week Prowler Challenge, do you do assistant exercises or just agile 8, jumps, 531 work, and then prescribed prowler work?

You test on this week. You can do assistance if you want.