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9 Week Power Program for Wrestling

Height- 5’7’’
Weight- 142 lbs.
Body Fat- app. 10%
Chest- 37’’
Right Bicep (Flexed)-13.75’’
Left Bicep (Flexed)-13.85’’
Bench- 145x22
Squat- 225x20
Deadlift- 275x10
Sry the bench and squat reps are really high, those are just my most recent stats. I’ll have better bench and squat stats in a week.

Spike Tablets (with caffeine)
Vitamin C powder

I am a wrestler at Fallbrook High School in San Diego county. I’ve been training seriously for about 2.5 years, but have really only known how to train for the last year. I’m really trying to focus on these 9 weeks and put on about 10-12 lbs of mass. Dense mass i must say. The program is completely designed around bench, squat, and deadlift. We also have assists for those muscle groups and bicep iso work. We use a lot of knockdowns in the program. That just means that i do 12 reps, take off about 20% of the weight, go to failure, then do 1 more knockdown. The program looks like this:

3 weeks of 3x10
4 weeks of 3x5
2 weeks of 3x3

My workouts this first week are:

Monday: squat/upper back
Back Squat- 3x10
Pause Squat- 1 set of 12, followed by 2 knockdowns (KD).
B/O Rows- 1 set of 12, 2 KD.
Low Cable Pulls- 1 set of 12, 2 KD.

Wednesday: bench/arms/abs
Bench- 3x10
Inc. Bench- 1 set of 12, 2 KD.
BB Curls- Same
Abs- Crunches 30 sec., ab-wheel 30 sec., ball crunches 30 sec.
oblique work

Friday: deadlift
Deadlift- 3x10
RDL- 1 set of 12, KD.
Leg Curl: Same.
Calf Raise: Same.

Saturday: bench assist/arms/abs
Pause Bench (3 sec. pause at bottom)- 1 set of 10, 2 KD.
Dips- 1 set of 12, 2 KD.
Reverse BB Curls- 1 set of 12, 2 KD.
Abs: Same as wednesdays.
oblique work

I’ve read Berardi’s Grappler’s Guide to Nutrtion and will be essentially doing that. i also know to keep adding calories until i start to see fat, then i stop adding calories.

Rest Periods:
3 minutes between sets on the 3x10 weeks. 4 minutes between sets on all the weeks after that.

all suggestions will be happily received, but it will be basically impossible for me to change the program (stubborn coach), but ill mention the suggestions to him. however, i will definitely take them into account when i do my own programs for basically the rest of my life. i know the KD sets are basically just 1 HUGE set, but i like the training. its short, exhausting, and really pounds the muscle. i know, i already did the squat workout today and it is friggin intense.

Thats it. Time for me to shut up and train

the reason i can’t give you a good squat right now is because my coach had us do max rep for our body weights on bench, squat, pulls up and dips. so, for the record, i did:

bench: 22 reps
squat: 44
pull-ups: 18, lock out at the bottom.
dips: 35, as low as i can go with an old grade 2 ac separation in the right shoulder. i could almost stick my fist in my arm pits as we like to call it.

then we did our squat workout. trying to do heavy 3x10 after doing 44 reps of 145 isn’t exactly easy. only did 225x9 for 1 set, then 205x10,10 for the last 2 sets. then the pause squats.

so thats why i cant give an accurate account of squats right now, but will be able to in a week.