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9 week extended russian power program vs sheiko


Would it be wise to try and run the 9 week extended russian power program over and over again increasing the weights or would sheiko be a better program to follow sense it is more regulated????


I mean, it would work, but i think the squat and deadlift percents are pretty high if you use a true competition 1RM and you're not a beginner.

Either would be fine, as long as you use a reasonable max so that the intensity and volume are something you can recover from.


I tried this routine a while ago and couldn't keep pace...eat a lot and sleep a lot.


Agreed, definitely worth using conservative maxes so you don't get fried or start losing reps. The volume in the beginning is good for building your technique, though


Yes, switch between Russian power program and sheiko, when you feel tired do PTP instead.


can you give me more info on PTP


Read the smolov thread currently at the top of the powerlifting forum, esp re the base mesocycle