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9 Week Cycle. My Biggest Hang Up On Gear


wrapping up approximately a 9 week cycle with 500mg Sup250 pinning M-W-F and was running .5 ADEX every other day with HCG 2x a week. Recommendation from a buddy who ran a similar cycle. I was already a big dude but def looked thicker during my cycle. ladies loved it and all my buddies were like damn. it wasn’t obvious i was on gear since i was already a gym rat.

first 5 weeks or so were great. horny as a mule by then. living life in the gym etc etc. right around the end of the week 5 i instantly noticed my libido was different. i just wasn’t excited by sex and couldn’t get my dick up. Prior to my blood work, theory was my E2 crashed so i went about a week without my AI. As it turned out it was the exact opposite and my E2 was through the roof. So now I’m playing catch it feels like to get my E2 back down.

Read that it takes about 7-10 days for your body to process the changes so ill finish up my last 1MG tonight and give it a day or two and see how i feel.

i don’t know if ill ever blast again although my sides were very minimum. mostly puffy nipples and some swelling around my knee/ankle during that week of no AI. Chasing my E2 around is a pain that hopefully on 100-150mg wont be such an issue should i cruise. My biggest regret was losing my dick lol. i have to travel so ill be starting my PCT and let my system reset for a couple months and do blood work again before i decide whether to cruise or not.

Why HGH only twice a week? How many IU are you taking?

250iu x 2 is what was suggested based on their personal cycles. there is so much info online/personal experiences out there that contradicts itself when it comes to HCG and steroids as a whole.

So many things wrong here… This is better in the pharma forum. When did you take your blood work in terms of your AI usage? While on the adex or after waiting a week of no adex? HGH needs injected daily so that was a waste of a chunk of money. How many IUs were you running?

First post you said HGH. Next post you said HCG.

You may want to clarify.

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Ohh you said HGH. HCG makes more sense

Honestly when I first read your reply I didn’t even notice it said HGH until now. Also 530am when I replied :man_facepalming:t5:

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Started running AI .5mg every other day about the end of the first week. Slowly lowered it some as I wasn’t experiencing any sides. Must of lowered it to much as I stated earlier with my issues popping up. It was recommended I drop the AI and nothing got better so the I took the blood test after a week with No AI in my cycle.

Ok that makes more sense. It was still likely self inflicted due to the AI use. Its the most common problem we see on here. I would gamble that if you never started the AI you wouldn’t have had the ED issues.

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What was the actual reading?

127.9 for my E2. I want to say I pinned Monday and the test was Tuesday

Seems to be a very common trend amongst first timers from all the forums I’ve been reading. The amount of info is :exploding_head:. Def want to go back on a cruise in a few months

In the end I Just want my dick back lol.

I’ve had the same problems on an AI. It takes a couple weeks to normalize. The quickest fix is to not mess with anything, revert back to a safe TRT dose, and ride it out.

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What units? If that’s pg it’s pretty high, if it’s nmol that’s just about normal

Edit: never mind it’s pg if you’re having all the high symptoms before the test

Pretty much what I gathered after all the rabbit holes I went down. Appreciate all the help

I tried logging in to get the actually info off the report but the website was being lame. I just happens to have that number from a text I sent.

My only side effects that appeared besides the labidio issue was swelling at the knee and ankles, sensitive nipples. (I have always had puffy nipples anyway prior to going on Test) def holding a lot of water weight and the flush/hot feeling.

How long after your cycle are you starting pct? What’s your protocol?

What I’ve read for sus250 is 3 weeks after last injections. Some say 10mg-20 mg a day others say start with 40mg week 1 and go down from there.

I still might just cruise at around 100-125mg

I keep seeing this stuff… People messing too much with AI and HCG right from start of cycle, most likely all problems come from those and not the test.

There’s plenty of people here who believe and insist on HCG but I’m on the other side and am convinced it’s unnecessary during cycle, and with AI, just start using it when problems show up, it’s just unnecessary to do those both from the start, i never ever had those kind of issues from test only, besides acne.

All the reading ive been doing and few conversations I’ve had with people it seems like everyone’s case is different. Everyone responds differently so to each their own. There’s def a split on those who say run HCG and AI, just run HCG and an AI as needed, then those who say you don’t need any of it . There is no real general consensus and basically comes down to how do you feel as each week goes on.

I followed the advice from a guy who got me my stuff. Similar builds and lifestyle. My other buddy had a slightly different approach and I been trying to dial it in. Back down to 100mg of sus250. Noticed my nips don’t flare up or rock hard 24-7. my pecker is starting to move around again lol. My last AI was .5 MG Sunday.